Monster Hunter Rise

The Hunting Horn is among the most interesting weapon types ever seen in the Monster Hunter series, a weapon that is just perfect for those team players out there who do not want to always be on the frontlines. This weapon type comes back to Monster Hunter Rise, with some very nice tweaks that make it even better than it was in previous entries in the series.

So, how do you use the Hunting Horn properly in battle? Let us find out.


The Hunting Horn is a weapon type that is mostly geared toward support. By unleashing different attacks, the Horn wielder can activate Stat Buff melodies which can make any team more effective. In Monster Hunter Rise, things have been simplified considerably over previous entries, as there are no more complex note combinations for each Horn so the melodies are the same, no matter which Horn you are using. Additionally, you can receive self-buffs by playing the same note twice, something that makes the Hunting Horn a viable weapon even if you are playing solo.

What A Performance!

The Hunting Horn lacks the same amount of defensive options as other weapons, but it still has one that is actually quite helpful, if you know how to time your performances. Every time you start a performance, you will perform a quick evading maneuver, which can be extremely useful while your friends need buffs and you do not have the time to reposition yourself away from the monster you are hunting.

What A Trio!

Magnificent Trio is a special technique that you should be using as much as possible. All you need to do is press ZR and X after you have lined up three different notes to activate all melody effects. As a side bonus, you will also gain all self-buss immediately.

What a Melody!

Infernal Melody is an extremely important tool in the Hunting Horn’s arsenal. Activated by pressing the ZR button after Magnificient Trio or Slide Beat and filling the new gauge that appears right below the Sharpness gauge, this move increases all players’ attack for 20 seconds. The attack increase is significant, so you should always aim to use Infernal Melody whenever possible. You can also follow it up with the Silkbind Attack Earthshaker, performed by pressing ZL and A, for some truly massive damage.

What a Stun!

The Infernal Melody’s attack buff is extremely good not just for pure DPS increase, but also for stunning monsters more quickly. Always go for the head, and watch them fall on their knees defenseless in just a few hits.

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