Monster Hunter Rise Charge Blade Switch Skills Guide

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise features a selection of brand new mechanics that have made the typical Monster Hunter experience even deeper than before. Among these mechanics are Switch Skills, new weapon skills for all weapon types that can be swapped with other skills to create a customized moveset that can be more effective against certain types of monsters.

Here’s everything there is to know about the Charge Blade Switch Skills.

Monster Hunter Rise Charge Blade Switch Skills

Condensed Spinning Slash

Condensed Spinning Slash replaces Condensed Element Slash, and it performed by holing the X while charging and releasing the button at the right time. This Switch Skill activates the Element Regeneration system while quickly switching to Axe Mode and turn energy into vials. This Skill is definitely on the slow side, so you may want to use it only against slow monsters or those that have been downed.

To learn the Condensed Spinning Slash Switch Skill, you need to complete the Feathered Frenzy quest and then speak with Master Utsushi

Counter Morph Slash

Counter Morph Slash replaces Morph Slash, and it performed by pressing ZR and X while in Sword Mode. This defensive Switch Skill lets you block any attack and unleash a powerful Elemental Discharge Slash.

To learn the Counter Morph Slash, you need to craft and upgrade multiple Charge Blades.

Axe Hopper

Axe Hopper replaces Counter Peak Performance, and it is performed by pressing ZL and A. This Switch Skill, which consumes 1 Wirebug, lets you attack any enemy with a powerful Axe attack while propelling you in the air for a follow-up Super Amped Elemental Discharge.

To learn the Axe Hopper Switch Skill, you need to complete the Charge Blade Coalescing quest that is unlocked after reaching rank 5 and above in the Hub.

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Monster Hunter Rise Charge Blade Switch Skills Guide


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