Monster Hunter Rise

Like the Sword & Shield, the Charge Blade weapon type in Monster Hunter Rise is the weapon type for those who like versatility and want to be able to play different roles depending on the situation. Unlike the Sword & Shield, however, the Charge Blade is a much more complex weapon and one that is definitely not suited for beginners.

So, is the Charge Blade any good in Monster Hunter Rise, and does its complexity get in the way? Let us find out!


The Charge Blade is a unique weapon that comes in two different modes that can be switched on the fly – Sword Mode, which also comes with a shield, and Axe Mode. The two modes affect mobility and attack speed, as the Axe Mode is much more powerful than Sword mode but way slower. Additionally, Sword Mode allows hunters to block attacks with the shield, something that Axe Mode cannot do. As such, learning to switch modes properly is extremely important to be successful with this weapon.

Charge Your Phials

The Charge Blade comes with a unique mechanic that lets players fill five Phials by attacking in Sword mode. The color of Phials will change from yellow to red depending on the charge level. Phials are used to power Axe mode and increase the damage it can deal, so always make sure to keep them charged.

Counter Peak Performance

One very quick way to fill up the Phials is by using Counter Peak Performance, a new Silkbind Attack that can be unleashed by pressing the ZL and X buttons. This defensive maneuver completely fills your Phials if an enemy attacks while the shield is up. The best thing is that this works even if the monster only roars, making this technique even more useful.

The Sword Hits As Hard As The Axe

While Axe Mode will be your primary damage dealing form, you shouldn’t discount Sword Mode as the mode-to-fill-your-Phials exclusive mode. By performing a Condensed Element Slash, which is performed by holding X while charging, the Sword will enter Boost Mode, a special mode that makes it so that attacks cannot be deflected.

Emergcency Switching

Switching between Sword and Axe Modes in the middle of battle comes with some risks, but Monster Hunter Rise provides a new way of doing so without the risk of getting interrupted. Thanks to the Silkbind technique Morphing Advance, performed by pressing the ZL and X buttons, it is possible to use the Wirebug to launch in the air and switch to Axe Mode while being immune to both knockback and stun.

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