Monster Hunter Rise

Among the 14 weapon types included in Monster Hunter Rise, the Sword & Shield looks the least interesting, featuring a rather basic moveset that doesn’t really let players show off with flashy and spectacular moves. This doesn’t mean that this weapon type is not good: on the contrary, it is a very solid choice for beginners and veterans alike.

So what is that makes the Sword & Shield a solid weapon type in Monster Hunter Rise? Let us find out.


As already mentioned, the Sword & Shield combo doesn’t have the flashiest moveset in Monster Hunter Rise. Combos and special attacks are not particularly strong, but they are very effective in a variety of situations, making it a very versatile weapon type. As Sword & Shield let you do pretty much anything with no real drawback, if not in terms of damage numbers, this is a very solid choice if you have never played Monster Hunter before and you are still looking for a playstyle that works best for you. Please note that this weapon type’s attack range is quite short, so you will have to get closer to monster more than with other weapon types, possibly making it harder for you to accomplish much if you’re playing solo and you’re not exactly a Monster Hunter Rise master.

This Shield Isn’t Just For Show

The best thing about the Sword & Shield combo is that you can indeed attack with both. The Sword can be used to deal slash damage, so you can cut off tails and such from monsters, but you can also bash them with the shield, making it easier to stun them and deal even more damage.

Light on Your Feet

The Sword & Shield combo also offers extremely good mobility, as your movement speed will not change if you unsheate your weapons. This means that you can almost always be on the offensive and move out of the way without having to sheate your weapon for better mobility. And even if you have to for any reason, the sheating and unsheating speed is among the highest in all of the game.


Another incredibly solid advantage offered by the Sword & Shield combo is the ability to use items even with the weapon unsheathed, allowing you to play as the attacker or the support of the team seamlessly and effortlessly.

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