Monster Hunter Rise: Best Weapons For Beginners

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise features 14 different weapon types that all come with a unique moveset that influences the way the hunter plays. While all of the available weapon types are great and can carry you far in the game, not all of them are perfect for players of all skill levels. Some are extremely newcomer friendly, letting newbies have fun while learning the game’s intricate mechanics, while others are extremely unfriendly, as they require a high level of knowledge of the game’s mechanics to be used effectively.

As the first few hours in Monster Hunter Rise can be a little rough for newcomers, those who have never played a game in the series should pick the right weapon type to start having fun right away while getting ready to wield more complex weapons. Here are the three best beginners’ weapons in Monster Hunter Rise.

Best Beginners Weapons

The very best weapons that beginners should pick up when playing Monster Hunter Rise for the very first time are the Great Sword, the Hammer, and the Sword and Shield. The Great Sword and the Hammer are a little slow, but they hit extremely hard, and their attacks can be charged for increased efficacy. They are also great to teach you some of the basics of the Monster Hunter Rise combat system: as these weapons are slow, they will teach you how to position yourself correctly, when to attack and when to wait, and, most of all, where to attack, as the Great Sword can cut off limbs, which is super important in the game, and the Hammer can stun with blows on the head. Additionally, both weapons have guarding capabilities, so they will help you stay alive longer.

The Sword and Shield is another great choice for beginners, but for slightly different reasons. This weapon type is far from being the strongest, but the better mobility, guard abilities, and the fact that you can use items without sheating your weapon make it a very good choice if you want to learn how to support your team effectively. This playstyle may not be as rewarding as a 100% offensive playstyle, but it’s totally viable especially if you like to play the game with a well-oiled hunting squad

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Monster Hunter Rise: Best Weapons For Beginners


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