Each region in Monster Hunter Rise has secret Relic Records for you to collect. These records serve as insights into the backstory of Monster Hunter Rise, and they also reward you with fun little figurines to decorate your room with! Today, we’ll show how to find all the Shrine Ruins Relics in our Monster Hunter Rise all Shrine Ruins Relic locations guide!

All Shrine Ruins Relic Locations

Before we start, we’re going to reference the Shrine Ruins map a lot, specifically the numbered areas. All the Relics are marked with red dots on this map, so be sure to consult it if you’re having trouble locating one.

Relic Record 1 — “The water in these lands is pure. Clean water enriches the soil. From rich soil sprouts new life. Prayer brings water.

The first Relic is found at the red dot immediately north of area 5. Simply climb the mountain peak you see, and you’ll find a little house at the top, with the Relic in front of it.

Relic Record 2 “This land was home to many a god. But they shunned people. Thus the land was only admired with envy from afar.”

This Relic is found northeast of area 6. From the water looking north, search for a little crevice in between the mountains. Look for a tree growing out of the wall, and climb up above it to find the Relic.

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Relic Record 3“Then, without warning, a bolt of lightning resounded through the night. When dawn broke, the gods were gone.”

This one is south of area 12. The Relic is at a small shrine on top of some rocky hills, and the easiest way to get to it is to fly to sub-camp 1 and Wirebug across.

Relic Record 4“The people began to gather in this blessed land, erecting many a shrine to venerate the departed gods.”

This one is directly east of area 11. Head to the Wyvern Nest and then climb the wall behind it to reach a Torii Gate, with the Relic located inside.

Relic Record 5“Graced by abundance, the people lived a bountiful and peaceful life, filling the land with prayers.”

This Relic is immediately north of area 13. Look directly up, and you should see a wooden bridge connecting two peaks together. On one side of the bridge is a shrine with the Relic.

Relic Record 6“Moons passed; times changed. The people become arrogant and thankless. As they did so, the land fell into desolation.”

The sixth Relic is found sandwiched between areas 7 and 8, in the little dip. You’ll want to find a Torii Gate, making sure to face south once you do. Climb up the wall to the left of the Torii Gate, and you’ll find the Relic.

Relic Record 7“Then, one night, a gale swept the land before halting abruptly, as though it were the breath of a divine being.”

The seventh Relic is directly north of area 2. If you look up towards the east, you should see a big tree growing from a ridge. The Relic is located on the branches of the tree.

Relic Record 8“In its wake appeared the gods, thought to have vanished. Terrified, the people fled from their ire.”

Head directly east from area 6. Face towards the southeast, then scan the sides of the mountain, and you should see a small opening. The shrine inside the opening has the Relic.

Relic Record 9“The people begged for clemency, but the deities raged regardless, chasing the mortals away.”

Head to the red dot to the northwest of area 7. Get behind the wall, and you should find a patch of Sending Sprig—attack it to reveal the Relic.

Relic Record 10“Time Devoured the peoples’ shrines and prayers; but eventually, pure water and rich soil returned to nurture new life.”

Head to the red dot southwest of area 5. You should find a small crevice nestled between two tall mountains, with a climbable wall. The Relic is just above on the ledge.

Those are all the Relic locations in the Shrine Ruins. If you have any other tips or questions, let us know in the comments below!

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