Rich Mud is an item in Monster Hunter Rise with surprisingly broad use. It’s used in the upgrade paths of a variety of weapons and is necessary for crafting high rank Barroth armor as well as the high rank version of the Almudron Helm, which is a terrific pick for players using morphing weapons.

So, how do you get it?

In the most straightforward sense, you get Rich Mud by hunting high rank Barroths. One way in which it differs from most items, however, is that it’s actually most commonly found in the materials dropped onto the ground by a Barroth during a fight. On account of this, be sure to pick up any sparkling items that appear while you’re still in the midst of beating the Barroth to a pulp.

Dropped items are particularly likely to show up when you attack a monster while riding another, so be sure to leverage this mechanic if you’re looking to expedite your Rich Mud farming. On that note, it’s also worth bearing in mind that the easiest way to make a monster ridable is to use your Silkbind moves on it.

If you’re not having luck getting a Barroth to drop Rich Mud, it also has a good chance of being collected by a gathering Palico during the fight. You can even bring two gathering Palicos if you don’t think you’ll miss the ability to ride a Palamute around while hunting Barroths. Failing that, you still have a chance at getting Rich Mud as target and capture rewards received at the end of a quest, but it’s a bit rarer.

That’s the gist of farming Rich Mud in Monster Hunter Rise. Remember to make sure that you’re fighting Barroths on high rank difficulty before you try any of these methods, as low rank Barroths will drop Fertile Mud instead.

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