Mission Guide for Northeast Frost Street in Kirby and the Forgotten Land


Things get a little chilly in the fourth region of Kirby and the Forgotten Land! Winter Horns is the final region of the Arrival Continent, and as such, the puzzles get pretty complex here. Have no fear, as we’re here to help with our Northeast Frost Street mission guide to help you complete all missions!

Northeast Frost Street Mission Guide

Save the hidden Waddle Dees

  1. In the first area, after you ascend the steps, there will be a vending machine on the left side. Suck it up to become Vending Mouth Kirby, then follow the path. You’ll see the Warp Star that takes you to the next area, but keep going to the right. There’s a path here with two penguin enemies, so fight your way through and break the shutter at the end to find the first Waddle Dee.
  2. In the second area, after the first set of teetering bridges, there will be a path of breakable blocks. Quickly walk along them and shoot the target at the end with the Ranger ability to unlock a secret area. In the secret area, you’ll need to hit the switch then shoot the moving target to reach the second Waddle Dee.
  3. In the second area, you’ll eventually reach a big teetering platform with three penguin enemies. Go up, and you should see a small bomb block next to iron blocks on the left side. Destroy the bomb block to find the third Waddle Dee.
  4. In the third area, you must use Stairs Mouth Kirby to get up a building. After sucking up the third staircase, move to the left to find an opening where you can drop back down. Once you’re down, go to the right and break open the cracked wall. Move in and use the stairs to reach the final Waddle Dee above.

Destroy 4 animal snow sculptures

  1. There are little snow sculptures that look like Awoofy, similar to the sand sculptures in Everbay Coast. The first one is on the right side of the first area, sitting in plain view.
  2. When you get to the first Warp Star, check to the right of it—there’s a snow sculpture hidden behind the tree.
  3. In the second area, right after the secret area entrance with the hidden Waddle Dee, there will be another set of teetering bridges. To the right are a couple of steps that lead down to where the third animal snow sculpture is.
  4. In the third area, you have to ascend a building by using Stairs Mouth Kirby. Once you get to the third set of stairs, the final animal snow sculpture is right behind it.

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Find the side alley

After the first animal snow sculpture, you’ll pass two fences. Right after the second fence, hug the left wall, and you should see a little opening. Head on through to find the side alley with a bunch of Star Coins.

Reach the clock tower

Once you reach the end of the level with the golden cage, stick to the left side. You should see an opening in the railing, so jump off and fly over to the clock tower. Touch the glowing spot in the middle of the clock face to complete this objective. For more details, check out our Where is the Clocktower at Northeast Frost Street in Kirby and the Forgotten Land? – Answered guide!

Those are all the missions for Northeast Frost Street. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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Mission Guide for Northeast Frost Street in Kirby and the Forgotten Land


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