Mission Guide for Abandoned Beach in Kirby and the Forgotten Land


Before Kirby gets into the underwater facilities that Everbay Coast has to offer, the first area he explores is a beautiful beach. The Abandoned Beach is the first level of Everbay Coast in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and there’s lots of fun to be had under the sun! Today, we’ll walk you through the level with our Abandoned Beach mission guide for Kirby and the Forgotten Land!

Abandoned Beach Mission Guide

Save the hidden Waddle Dees

  1. Defeat Wild Bonkers in the second area and take the Hammer ability. Afterwards, you should see a yellow ladder on the north side. Climb up, then go to the left to find a stake you can pound, which will reveal a hidden Waddle Dee.
  2. Hang onto the Hammer ability. In the area with the river and whirlpools, hang to the right, and you should see an Awoofy sleeping on a ledge. Jump on the ledge and then make your way up to find another stake you can bash. This will reveal a secret cave where you must race to reach a limited-time Waddle Dee.
  3. In the final area with the big lake, there will be two windmills on the far right and left sides of the area. Use Ring Mouth Kirby to wind blast the one on the left to raise a platform from the water with a boat. Get on the boat, and go to where the golden cage is, but don’t get off the boat yet. Head to the left, and you should see a crack in the wall, so ram through it with the boat. You’ll end up in a secret area with the final Waddle Dee.

Crack open 3 Knock-Knock Nuts

There are three Knock-Knock Nuts that you can kick around to crack open. The first one is sitting in plain sight, near the beginning of the level. The second one is under the tree before the Warp Star at the end of the first area. The final one is sitting in the water near the end of the level, to the right of the golden cage.

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Destroy the animal sand sculpture

After the Wild Bonkers mini-boss, continue heading to the right. You’ll see a door that continues onward, but don’t go in yet. Instead, keep going to the right and the camera should pan over to reveal the hidden animal sand sculpture. Hit it with any ability to destroy it.

Complete the sign on the rooftop

Once you get to the ring you can suck up to become Ring Mouth Kirby, you’ll pass through a sign. As Ring Mouth Kirby, stand in the gap between the letters in the sign.

Those are all the missions for Abandoned Beach. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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Mission Guide for Abandoned Beach in Kirby and the Forgotten Land


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