Mission Guide for Concrete Isles in Kirby and the Forgotten Land


The second area in Kirby and the Forgotten Land is Everbay Coast, a beautiful inlet full of coral reefs. It seems that there was once a refinery of some sort built here, and Kirby must explore the remains to rescue the Waddle Dees. Today, we’ll show you how to complete the second level with our mission guide for Concrete Isles in Kirby and the Forgotten Land!

Concrete Isles Mission Guide

Save the hidden Waddle Dees

  1. Near the beginning of the level, you’ll come across a green star piece. There are five green star pieces to find, and they’re pretty much floating around in plain sight, so you can’t miss them. Grab all five and a crane will pull up a cage from the water, and on it is a chest with the first Waddle Dee.
  2. Continue going through the water, and eventually you’ll find a platform with a mole enemy and an orange star piece. Just like the first Waddle Dee, you’ll need to collect five orange star pieces to lift a cage up. You’ll need the Drill ability, as some pieces are hidden under dirt patches. There’s also a scissor-lift that you’ll need for the final piece.
  3. The third Waddle Dee is on the isle of treasure. See the “Make landfall on the isle of treasure” section below for more details.
  4. The second area of the level has retracting walls and giant cannonballs. After you pass the first bridge, there’s a mole enemy and a star-shaped dirt patch. Dig up the dirt patch with the Drill ability to reveal an orange Warp Star. Hop on it, then go to the left to find a giant pipe. Roll down the hill, then jump over the gap to break into the tower and find the final star piece. The Waddle Dee cage is directly below you.

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Greet 3 seabirds

  1. The first seabird is located right at the beginning of the level. Jump off the platform and into the water, then swim up to the seabird next to the platform.
  2. Once you get to a platform with a mole enemy and an orange star piece, head to the right to find the second seabird in the water.
  3. The final seabird is waiting for you in the water right before the Warp Star that takes you to the second area of the level.

Make landfall on the isle of treasure

Near the end of the first area of the level, there will be a Warp Star, but don’t jump on it just yet. Go into the water and swim to the right, and you should see a part of the power lines that are drooping into the water. You can swim over these, so swim out into the open ocean and towards the north to reach the isle of treasure.

Dig up a Maxim Tomato

Continue making your way through the twisty bridges and the giant cannons in the second area of the level. On the twisty bridge right before the end of the level, there’s a shining dirt patch in the middle of the bridge. Dig it up to reveal the Maxim tomato. For more details, check out our “Where to Dig Up Maxim Tomato in the Concrete Isles Mission for Kirby and the Forgotten Land” guide.

Those are all the missions for Concrete Isles. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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Mission Guide for Concrete Isles in Kirby and the Forgotten Land


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