Mission Guide for Circuit Speedway in Kirby and the Forgotten Land


Wondaria Remains is the second area in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. It’s a dilapidated amusement park lost to time, but there are still plenty of fun things to check out! The second level, Circuit Speedway, has a bunch of racetracks that Car Mouth Kirby can race on. If you’re looking to rescue all the Waddle Dees, we’ve got you covered with our mission guide for Circuit Speedway in Kirby and the Forgotten Land!

Circuit Speedway Mission Guide

Save the hidden Waddle Dees

  1. The first Waddle Dee is a prize for beating the first racetrack under 25 seconds. This is pretty easy to achieve as long as you boost all the way through the track. Even if you mess up, a blue Warp Star lets you try again at the end of the track.
  2. In the secret area unlocked from the area right after the first racetrack, there’s a Waddle Dee behind a gate. You’ll need to roll a bomb down the ramp to hit the red switch at the bottom to raise the gate. This also leads to the Invincible Candy you need to finish another mission.
  3. After the Wild Edge mini-boss, go towards the door to the next area, but do not go in yet. Examine the wall on the right, and you should see a patch of grass. There’s a hidden hole you can go through past the grass to the third Waddle Dee.
  4. Rescue the final Waddle Dee by beating the second racetrack under 50 seconds. This is easy to do if you take the cardboard shortcuts, which is required for the final mission.

Reach the first race’s goal within 20 seconds

Perhaps the most challenging mission of this level is the very first one, which is to complete the first racetrack under 20 seconds. The only real tip we can give you is to hug the corners as much as you can. Stay on the inner curves of the track, and make liberal use of your jump to get over the oil pools. Also, don’t ever let go of the Y button—you need to boost the entire time!

A blue Warp Star will spawn at the end of the racetrack, and it’ll take you back to the beginning of the race to give you another shot without having to leave the level entirely.

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Defeat Wild Edge using an Invincible Candy

The area after the first racetrack is a long hallway with bottomless pits around. Near the middle of the area is a blue switch that opens a gate to a secret area, where you can find an Invincible Candy. After getting the candy, quickly return to the main path to reach the Wild Edge mini-boss, then simply run into him twice to defeat him. For more details, check out our Defeat Wild Edge Using an Invincible Candy in Kirby and the Forgotten Land guide.

Boost through the cardboard shortcuts

The second and final racetrack of Circuit Speedway has two shortcuts, covered by a bunch of cardboard boxes. The first shortcut is after the first loop, and you can see a Bronto Burt (the pink flying enemy) hovering above it.

The second shortcut is after the first purple rotating platform. After you turn to the right, you should see the boxes across the way. You’ll need to boost jump over the gap to reach the shortcut.

Those are all the missions for Circuit Speedway. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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Mission Guide for Circuit Speedway in Kirby and the Forgotten Land


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