MIR4 Warrior Guide and Build

Best Class for Beginners in MIR4

In MIR4, there are 5 classes to choose from. One of them is the Warrior. It is a classic example of a tank with huge protection and powerful attacks. But it has little mobility. In this guide, you will learn everything you need about this class.

Warrior Guide and Build

We will describe skills that are perfect for PVP and PVE.

The first is Barbaric Charge, a skill that attracts your enemies to catch 280% of the physical damage, overlapping Dazed and always knocking down monsters. As for the players in PvP, there is only a 10% chance to knock them down.

Next is Berserk. It inflicts 80% of the physical damage to enemies around you, imposing invulnerability to you by 1.5 seconds. There is also a chance to inflict Confusion.

The third skill is Void Slash. You attack three blows in a straight line with a small range of causing 250% of the physical damage. May inflict Daze on the enemies.

Ground Smash follows our list. If the enemies around you are Dazed with this skill, you apply 250% of the physical damage and get a 50% bonus to the attack, with the Same Chance to knock down as Barbaric Charge has.

The penultimate is Gale Slash. If the enemy is Quelled or Confused, in addition to 9 blows which deal 380% of the physical damage, you will get a 50% bonus to the damage.

And the final skill is Lion’s Roar, which causes 130% of the physical damage and also inflicts Confusion and Daze on enemies for 10 seconds dealing 80% physical attack.

We recommend choosing spirits which will reduce the recovery time of your skills.

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MIR4 Warrior Guide and Build


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