MIR4 PvP Guide | How to Win Other Players in MIR4?

MIR4 PvP Guide | How to Win Other Players in MIR4?

In the popular game MIR4, there are tons of ways to fight other players. For example, you can assign a bounty to a player, participate in raids, or hunt players with friends. And in this guide, we’ll tell you how to win in PvP.

How to Win Other Players

In this game, your PvP stats play a big role, it gives you advantages in battle, and the experience you get depends on it.

You must spend enough time getting your equipment. By using roll enchantments on your equipment, you can achieve an increase in damage during PvP or a decrease in damage taken. The effect can be from 0.4% to 2.4%. This will give you a great advantage in PvP battles.

And don’t forget about secondary enchantments. If something is related to bosses or monsters – you don’t need it. Concentrate on Critical Damage, Skill Damage, and Damage Reduction.

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Magic Stones work in the same way. Do not use something created to fight monsters and bosses. Force and Mana Stones, as well as everything related to PvP, are best suited.

Ideal Spirits for PvP are Lantern Master Lamphund, Dark Serpent Mosla, and Bull Master Moomoo. Talking about treasures, pick something with debilitation, bash, and crit. But the best thing to do is find the Tarnished Lighting bell or the Tarnished Blue Violet Bell. Everything together will help you in PvP.

When developing your Inner Force, we recommend that you concentrate on the Nine Yang Manual. Develop Clan Warfare. For example, Surprise Attack will give you a damage buff in PvP.

Explore each class and their abilities to create the best character.

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MIR4 PvP Guide | How to Win Other Players in MIR4?


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