MIR4 Lancer Guide and Build

MIR4 Lancer Guide and Build

Before starting the game, MIR4 offers you to select a class. There are 5 of them in the game, and each one differs in abilities, fighting style, and equipment. Someone does more damage, and someone is more agile. In this guide, we are going to tell you about the Lancer in MIR4.

Lancer Guide and Build in MIR4 | How to Play Lancer?

All players consider Lancer to be the strongest class in the game since he has the highest DPS and high attack range. He is also an integral member of any raid team since, in addition to high damage and crit, he has several support skills.

His skills are the following:

  • Dragon Spear is an Ultimate ability, which takes 10 seconds to recharge. You deal huge damage by firing a powerful spear. After upgrading to level 2, this attack deals 306% physical damage and 408% of your attack power.
  • Using the Ravaging Blow skill, you hit the enemy not with a blade, but with a pole of the spear, instantly destroying the enemy’s Inner Force. With this attack, you can reduce the speed of the monster by 50% for 10 seconds, as well as get + 25% damage against monsters.
  • Crescent Blade hits enemies with a series of blows and knocks them down. By raising the skill level to 4, you will do 202% physical damage.
  • Ascending Dragon is a beautiful skill that hits the area in front of the character and applies the effect of cooling on the enemy.
  • Double Strike. As the name implies, this skill hits the ground twice and deals critical damage to anyone who loses balance. You will reach 265% physical damage by raising the skill level to level 4.

When fighting multiple opponents, it is better to start with using Ravaging Blow and Ascending Dragon.

We also recommend that you improve all your skills exactly equally. After level 4, the game itself will advise you on what to upgrade.

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MIR4 Lancer Guide and Build


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