MIR4 Sect Master Quest Guide and Walkthrough

MIR4 Sect Master Quest Guide and Walkthrough

In MIR4, there are many different possibilities, starting from the ability to pick up someone else’s drop from monsters and ending with cryptocurrency mining. But this is still an MMORPG and of course, it has a variety of classic quests. In this guide, we are going to tell you about the Sect Master Quest.

Sect Master Quest Guide

To accept this quest, you need to open the Missions menu. Then go to the Request tab. You should have Crystalline Forest unlocked. Then, from the Requests list, find the Sect Master’s Order and accept it.

Recommended Power Score is 28,936. The quest itself is quite simple. You will not need to look for some kind of object throughout the location. You just need to clear the third floor of the Demon Bull Temple. More precisely, you need to defeat 300 monsters. One of the rewards will be 16,320 Copper and 13,990 Experience Points.

Now let’s get down to the quest.

Sect Master Quest Walkthrough

Open the map and go to the Bicheon Area. Then click on Demon Bull Temple. You need to go to the third floor, or rather to the end of the location. There will be a circular area just before the transition to King Bull Fiend’s Sanctuary. It is there that you need to destroy 300 monsters. We recommend that you wear your best set with a boost for attacks on monsters and a decrease in the damage from their attacks. With a sufficient level, you can complete this quest quickly enough. And besides, farm Copper and Experience.

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MIR4 Sect Master Quest Guide and Walkthrough


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