MIR4 Bicheon Castle Siege Guide

MIR4 Bicheon Castle Siege Guide

MIR4 is a free-to-play MMORPG and it is one of the most interesting releases in this genre that we can see nowadays. The game’s popularity is growing and the developers are trying to improve their product and add a lot of new content. Among the recently added features, we can see an activity that is called Bicheon Castle Siege. It may be quite an interesting game mode for those who want to participate in massive PvP battles. This guide will tell you about Bicheon Castle Siege in MIR4.

Bicheon Castle Siege in MIR4

Bicheon Castle Siege in MIR4 is one of the most interesting game modes. There you will be able to participate in a massive PvP battle between clans. One side will be defending their castle while the other will try to take it over. It is a very massive event and there are lots of different mechanics that will help you to achieve your goal.

The main task of the offensive side is to destroy the Monolith. It is a giant golden statue located in the castle’s depth. But there are lots of obstacles and hindrances that may get in the way of attackers. These are the castle’s walls and gates. You will need to work around them to get to the Monolith. Attackers are able to create different structures, like siege towers that may help you to climb the walls. Also, you are able to destroy the castle’s gates.

The main task of the defending side is to stop the attackers. There are lots of things you can do starting with killing the opposing team and ending with destroying their siege machines. But the main thing you should focus on is to prevent attackers to take over special spawn points within the castle. These will help the offenders to respawn closer to the Monolith that they want to destroy.

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MIR4 Bicheon Castle Siege Guide


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