Minecraft Live 2021 is almost here, and to celebrate, Mojang is holding another mob contest! Just like last year with the Glow Squid, the Minecraft community gets to choose one of three brand-new mobs to be added to the game. Today, we’ll talk about the Glare, one of the new mobs in our Minecraft Mob Vote 2021 Glare breakdown!

What is the Glare?

The Glare is a friendly mob that floats around. Its physical appearance resembles that of a flying bush with shifty-looking eyes. These guys spawn naturally underground in caves, so you’ll need to go spelunking if you want to find one.

Glares will float around and mind their own business, but they can be tamed if you feed them enough Glow Berries. Once a Glare is tamed, it’ll follow you around just like any other pet.

The Glare’s special ability is to pinpoint exactly where hostile mobs can spawn in dark areas. If you bring the Glare to a dim area, it’ll hover over to the exact area where it’s dark enough for monsters. The Glare will start shuffling back and forth with a menacing look in its eyes to let you know of the danger.

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The Glare’s ability will be helpful for builders, as you can test the safety and integrity of your home by having your Glare double-check for any blind spots you may have missed. You can also bring it with you when you’re adventuring to ensure that you don’t run into any danger zones!

The Glare is one of the three new mobs that can be added to Minecraft. Check out the official preview video below!

Will the Glare have your vote when Minecraft Live 2021 starts tomorrow? Make sure to catch Minecraft Live 2021 to cast your vote!

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