Minecraft Live 2021 is almost here, and to celebrate, Mojang is holding another mob contest! Just like last year with the Glow Squid, the Minecraft community gets to choose one of three brand-new mobs to be added to the game. Today, we’ll talk about the Allay, one of the new potential friends in our Minecraft Mob Vote 2021 Allay breakdown!

What is the Allay?

The Allay is a blue, fairy-like creature. These friendly little sprites spawn on the overworld, so you’re likely to run into one eventually as you’re exploring the surface of your world.

Like most passive mobs, the Allay can be tamed with… cookies? Give enough cookies to an Allay, and it’ll be your next best friend! Of course, this is from the test build, so it’s subject to change. This whole cookie thing makes a lot more sense once you watch the preview video below.

The Allay’s special ability is to function like a little item helper. You can give an item for the Allay to hold, and the Allay will seek out the same item in the immediate area, then bring it back to you or deposit it into a nearby chest or hopper. The possibilities are endless with this ability—you’ve basically got your own personal loot vacuum for specific items!

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The Allay is one of the three new mobs that can be added to Minecraft. Check out the official preview video below!

Will the Allay have your vote when Minecraft Live 2021 starts tomorrow? Make sure to catch Minecraft Live 2021 to cast your vote!

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