Mikey Hooks Cheats: Tips & Tricks for Speed Runs


Mikey Hooks is one of the hottest game releases this week and probably one of the best platformer titles available on iOS right now. However, it is a game of insane difficulty and one that will probably drive you mad every now and then. To reduce the number of the moments when you’ll want to smash your device into the nearest wall (because we can’t completely eliminate that) we have decided to share with you a set of Mikey Hooks cheats – tips and tricks to help you finish the levels faster and keeping your health intact.

1. Multiple plays per stage
It really is impossible to finish a stage with a solid time unless you play it a few times to learn everything about it. Our suggestion is to play each stage at least three times in a row – this way, everything will be fresh in your mind and you will have a better chance of getting a true speed run.

2. Learn the enemies
You probably know already that you should stay away from spikes, stars and those electrical rays, which is a good thing. Knowing your obstacles/enemies will help you get to the end faster. Therefore, let’s talk about the robots:

– Yellow Robots can’t be destroyed, but are perfect for bouncing on their heads to reach otherwise impossible heights
– Blue Robots can be destroyed by laterally swiping into them, but make sure you don’t land on their spiky heads
– Red Robots are the most dangerous of them all and all you can do when you see them is stay away from them!

3. Master the grappling hook
The new element in the game (because, yes, Mikey Hooks is a sequel) comes from the introduction of the grappling hook and you should master the swinging if you want to get as far as possible. It’s a lot easier than it seems, but some perfect timing is required for a perfect score. This goes hand in hand with tip #1 and I can only say that practice makes perfect.

4. Coins vs time
Although you will probably want to get as many coins as possible, if finishing the levels as fast as possible is your main goal, get the bling out of your vision and focus on getting to the end as fast as possible. We all know that you can’t get rich quick anyway!

5. Follow the leader Ghost
Usually, in race modes, the leading ghost is the one that knows the shortest path to the finish line. Try to follow that ghost and see the route they’re taking and beat them at their own game!

6. Unlock the Bonus menu
If you have an extra 99 cents to spend, you can unlock the Bonus menu which gives you a nice set of goodies, including double coins, coin magnet and even a very cool looking retro “downgrade” of the graphics for the fans of retro gaming!

7. Whatever you do, don’t hit obstacles
Probably the hardest thing to achieve, but the only one to really matter if you want that 3 star rating and a better finish time: don’t hit any of the obstacles because they send you back and you waste precious time.

All in all, just like most of the platformers out there, Mikey Hooks is a game that requires a lot of skill and hours of replaying. If you have other tips and tricks for fellow players, let us know by commenting below!

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Mikey Hooks Cheats: Tips & Tricks for Speed Runs


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