Mighty Party has a few warlords with different skins. Unlike in other games, these skins change your character’s abilities. Choosing the correct skin for your current strategy may make significant changes to your performance. However, you don’t have access to all the skins in the game. You will need to buy most of them and it will cost you a lot of gems. The easiest way to obtain them is by donating real money to the game.

In case you want to save your money and time you may want to know which skin is better. This will help you to get the most effective and outstanding ones in the first place. After that, you will be able to buy whoever you like and experiment with your strategies. Players often share their opinions about the skins and which of them is better. This guide will tell you about the most popular options that are considered to be the best choices.

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Best Warlord Skins in Mighty Party

Players in Mighty Party tend to divide the game into two parts. These are called the early game and late game, and they are determined by your current league rank. The best skin for the early league is Pirate aka Freebooter Dave. He has plenty of good abilities and he works well for the early league. Some players even use him in Pit after they’ve obtained better characters. This skin appears to be a must-have buy for a new player.

The two next skins are considered to be good for the late game. These are Ogre and Jimmy. The first one appears to be the best skin in the game with its ability to regenerate and put a silence on the opponent. Jimmy is good with his summons and block.

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