We will be going to look at some missions that will give you some free gems. It is in-game; you will not need to download any apps or open any other sources. So, if you are interested, don’t waste your time!

​Steps That Will Lead You to Free Gems in Mighty Party

Click on fables from the left side of your screen. Check the fourth tab from the top. There you will find some free gems with the icon Rich Gifts at the top. Click Claim and get your free perks (fifty gems). So, we have obtained 50 diamonds this way! It is the first attempt. The second one will be available in 24 hours.

Then go ahead and click the following menu (right under the previous one). There please find a note offering to level up your creatures five times. Hit Go and then choose the very left option on the bottom, and it will bring you to all the heroes who you can level up. This way, please level up all five characters. Now come back to the previous menu and click Claim. The new mission will come up, letting you level up your creatures ten times and get one hundred gems. Click Go again and level up the heroes. Then go back to the previous menu to claim everything. So, now the number of your gems increased. Make sure to level up only those heroes who you need in your team. The next level is the possibility to level up your creatures twenty times. Don’t forget to get back and hit Claim! It is a fantastic option for those who want to spend them on something, for example. The next option you will notice is the possibility to level up your creatures thirty-five times for 350 gems.

Also, as an option you can spend 150 gems to get two rare chests; scroll right to find a possibility to purchase 20000 Gold for 150 gems which would cover two compartments. Once the challenge of rare chests is unlocked, claim this. The new window will tell you to spend three hundred gems, click Go and buy the same Gold one twice. So, the gems that we have spent were received through this event. Our gems have not been spent at all! And now we get an Epic Check, Epic Hero, and we need to spend five hundred gems. So, we are buying the hundred thousand Gold for five hundred gems. Go back to the Fable and Claim your prize and claim your creatures thirty-five times. Then we will be able to do the same fifty-five times. These missions are vital, so continue doing this! It levels up your heroes and gives you free gems, so it is worth doing! So, the result is fifty-five heroes leveled up and eight hundred Gems.

Great, right? It is entirely free. It is in-game, so it is legal and will not waste your time. Just follow this instruction and get your free gems in Mighty Party!

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