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Might & Magic: Chess Royale Tier List: Best Units in the Game

Might & Magic: Chess Royale Tier List: Best Units in the Game

Knowing which are the best units in Might & Magic: Chess Royale gives you a massive advantage when it comes to selecting the right ones to send in battle. And when you have to choose from 25 units, things are getting a bit more complicated when it comes to sorting them out.

Now, in games like Chess Royale, it’s very difficult to tell somebody “This is the best unit, use it!” because there are so many more other factors to consider.

For starters, we have the synergy mechanics that can affect the performance of specific units (we talked about the M&M Chess Royale Synergies here).

But we also have units that, although really strong, are not only very expensive – but they also start appearing in the later stages of the game. So simply saying that the Red Dragon is the best unit in the game doesn’t help that much.

So how to create a tier list for Might & Magic: Chess Royale, when you might still be able to play and win battles if you don’t even have the strongest units in the game in your team setup? This is the real challenge!

Might & Magic Chess Royale Tier List 1

I decided to mix and match and use my own experience playing this game when it comes to ranking these units taking into account not just their base strength, but also when they come into play.

This list is a mash-up between a traditional tier list and a “Best characters” list, also heavily influenced by factors like the availability of the units. The ranking system could be a bit broken because a Red Dragon will always beat a Justicar, but you do need the Justicar early on in order to get to the stage where you can actually recruit the Dragon…

Hoping that the explanations above make sense, here is my ranking of the best characters in Might & Magic: Chess Royale, from early on in the game to reaching the later rounds.

Might & Magic: Chess Royale Tier List

Best common units (gray)


Might & Magic Chess Royale Tier List - Justicar

Massive damage dealer that is easy to star up early on in the game, in the 2nd or even 1st round. Not as useful later on in the game.

Rune Priest

Might & Magic Chess Royale Tier List - Rune Priest

The stun spell is extremely powerful and building your squad to benefit from it can give you a massive boost. Pair Rune Priest and the Treant and you get easy victories all day long.

Best uncommon units (green)

Note: most of the units here are really, really good. It all depends on what you get in your game, basically, and what synergies you’re trying to obtain.


Might & Magic Chess Royale Tier List - Valkyrie

My favorite early game unit. Deals massive damage and can take out enemies around her when her skill activates. A bit on a feeble side, but really strong.


Might & Magic Chess Royale Tier List - Harpy

Having a unit that attacks the furthest foe (usually a damage dealing unit) is a massive bonus.


Might & Magic Chess Royale Tier List - Treant

One of the more useful tanks in the game early on. As I said already, pairing him with the Rune Priest gives you even more advantages thanks to the Stun. Just keep him alive long enough to activate his skill!


Might & Magic Chess Royale Tier List - Dryad

With dryads, things are not that simple: they are massive damage dealers, believe it or not, but not as useful if you can’t get them to 2 stars ASAP. With their healing and increased survivability, they are really good in most circumstances, if the odds are in your favor and you can star them up.

Best rare units (Blue)


Might & Magic Chess Royale Tier List - Hydra

You actually get this unit very early in the game and it’s not useful to have the Hydra around just because it spawns two smaller hydras when killed, but also because it gives you the Dragon synergy and you start with 40+ mana!


One of the best skills in the game – only if you manage to keep him alive for long enough to activate it! The skill heals an ally and deals massive damage to ALL surrounding foes. OP for sure!


Might & Magic Chess Royale Tier List - Cyclops

A massive tank that deals a lot of damage. If he manages to be surrounded by enemies when activating his skill, he’s lethal. And due to the high health, he has all chances to get there!

Best Super Rare Units (Purple)

Fire Giant

Might & Magic Chess Royale Tier List - Fire Giant

The final ingredient to the mix of the perfect Stun deck strategy: pair him up with the Rune Priest and Treant and you’ll wreak havoc on the battlefield even in the later stages of the game.

But even without companions, the Fire Giant is a real beast. When you start getting him, it might be time to start reconsidering your tank choice as he will probably be better.


Might & Magic Chess Royale Tier List - Lich

He seems to be the favorite target of everybody on the battlefield, but if he manages to summon his minions, things get a lot more complicated for your opponent.

Best Legendary Unit (Orage)


Might & Magic Chess Royale Tier List - Archangel

Probably the best unit and best tank in the game. Amazing skill, perfect in combat. Just look at the stats of the battles and see how well the Archangels do, to be convinced (if you need convincing).

Note about the characters I left out

In Might & Magic Chess Royale, any unit can be extremely useful in the right circumstances. So if they haven’t made it on the list, it doesn’t mean that you should never buy them.

I once had the option to buy 3 Battle Dwarves in round 1 and that went really well – taking me all the way to the top 5. Ghosts are good, Troglodytes are good, Orcs can prove to be very useful, the Swordmaster is crazy for boosting allies… all units are made in such a way to be useful under the right circumstances.

Still, I believe that you need to focus on some and prioritize if you have the option. And the recommended units above are the ones you should aim for, in my opinion.

Note about the best characters in M&M Chess Royale:

Starting the 5th round, you will start getting the rarer and more expensive units. This could be a good time to start selling some of the early units that are no longer useful and/or you haven’t managed to star up by this point.

Might & Magic Chess Royale Tier List 2

Starting the 5th round – and especially the 6th – when the number of players remaining in the game is around 50 usually, the rarer, more expensive units (Purple and Orange) are becoming more useful and more common.

At this point, with the money you get from selling your weaker/not upgraded units in the game, buy them and try to star them up for massive boosts in the final rounds!

And now back to you – what do you think about my rankings, all things considered, and what unit would you rank higher on this list?

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Might & Magic: Chess Royale Tier List: Best Units in the Game


  1. The game has changed, so this is out of date. Top Units now:

    Level 1: Druid is the strongest by far, due to summoning Bears.
    Level 2: Centaur, partly because of it’s ability to jump away and partly because it is one of 3 Hunters and the cheapest. Valkyrie is still good if you can get **, otherwise is too flimsy (but better than Orc for a Warrior combo with Archangel). I get Harpy if I have a Hydra and a Vampire as she gives you two useful synergies.
    Level 3: Hydra is good as the cheapest Dragon in the game and also for getting the useful Dungeon synergy (an extra unit). Zealot is really good at ** and can keep you alive in long battles. A ** Vampire is also strong as it regenerates and you can get a very good, cheapish Necro combo with Lamasu (also at this level). Finally Lava Elemental’s ability to explode on death makes them a great mid-game pick and even end game if you get **.
    Level 4: Medusa’s ability can be a game changer; Lich is another Summoner and Moon Doe is often top damage dealer in my games (especially good if you have Gelu). Fire Giant is strong too and makes good combos with Lava Elemental or Red Dragon. No weak units at this level, to be fair.
    Level 5: They are all strong, but Bone and Red Dragons are the strongest of all.


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