Metal Slug Infinity Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass All Stages


In today’s article we are going to tell you all of our Metal Slug Infinity tips and cheats to help you clear all the stages with all troops alive and well! Even if this is an idle game, you’ll still have quite a lot of things to do because it’s super dynamic!

Have you ever been a fan of military games and movies? Well, now you have the perfect opportunity to form the dream team and deploy them onto the battlefield to take down all kinds of enemies.

Now it might not be all that typical, because you can add aliens to your team (which is not exactly what a military team is all about) – but hey! Keep an open mind and you’ll get super strong in no time!

Thus being said, let’s not waste another moment and dive right into the Metal Slug Infinity tips and tricks right here below!

Free the hostages

Every now and then you will notice on a new stage some yellow soldiers that have a “help” above them. Whenever you spot them always tap on them because they will reward you with gold. 

This is super important especially at the very early stages because you will not have that many ways of obtaining gold, and that is a good kickstart for your troops. 

Do not return as soon as you hit stage 30!

The game will let you know that you can Return as soon as you pass stage 30 – well, you can, but you shouldn’t! It’s better to do it after you reach over level 100 because the rewards you get are way, way better! 

You will get 1 level per 100 stages for highest Return stage, so I suggest that you take your time and not rush this, because it will all be way easier to do it later on. Also, don’t forget that you don’t have to be in game to actually progress, so it is all for the best!

Tap and hold to make upgrades

Metal Slug Infinity is a little different than other idle games when it comes to this, as it doesn’t give you a 10x boost or max boost – instead it will let you boost the levels of the soldiers when you tap and hold on their portrait. 

This works for the quests too, but I’ll show you a little Metal Slug Infinity trick down below regarding that! 

Overall, just keep in mind that you should always upgrade the soldiers because the more you advance, the tougher the enemies get and all of the fights will prove more and more difficult.

Upgrade quests for more passive income

The game will prove several quests to help you acquire more gold, and you should definitely consider upgrading them constantly if you want to get a lot of gold even when you are not in game. 

The quest completion time increases for each consequent quest and I suggest that you make the most upgrades like this:

– Unlock the new quests which you have just unlocked (add 1 point to unlock it)

– Upgrade the first quests the most because they are the fastest ones

– Upgrade the first quest as much as you can (yes, that very first quest “No. 1”)

– Add one-two points in the other quests which are about to complete

I have found that I never lose gold when I invest it into a quest that is about to get completed, because you basically get the money invested back in a second. Don’t get me wrong, all of the upgrades are necessary eventually, but the best thing you could do is keep it steady! 

Tap on the red slugs 

Every now and then you will notice that your slugs will start glowing red. That means that the timer has almost ran out and if you choose to tap on them when the option above their head pops up (“Touch”) then you will be able to deal a little bit more damage before they run out. 

Complete achievements to collect cool rewards

You should go to the menu situated in the top right corner of the screen. There, open the Achievements tab and you can see the requirements needed to receive some cool rewards, from diamonds to PvP tickets and more! 

I suggest that you take a look at them before Return, because you might be able to complete a few very easily in the current stage that you’re at! It’s worth it to complete as many as you can, because the rewards will add up and you’ll see that it’s all worth it!

Open your mails early on!

The mailbox is under the menu in the tip right corner of the screen and right when you start off the game, you should check it out! There might be some goodies waiting for you right from the start, and it’s super useful if you want to quickly form a strong team to get you through the stages!

Level up and upgrade your heroes – it’s super important!

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s super important and shouldn’t be neglected. It’s recommended that your heroes are about the same level as the stage that you are in, because that’s the same level as the enemies you are facing.

Another thing you should do is upgrade the heroes. They can be upgraded with soldier pieces, which you will obtain from dungeon, store or achievements. When you upgrade them, they will receive a new star and for each incoming star they will require more soldier pieces – but they also get way more powerful!

Go Excavate and get Slugs!

The slugs are the strong machines which are summoned at a set interval. You can obtain them from the menu and “Excavation site”. There you will have a few free tickets to summon, and the more you level up the better slugs you can obtain!

Watch ads for some OP buffs

In the Store you will have a “Buff” tab which will let you buy a few buffs or simply get them for free! How? Easy! Just watch an advertisement and you will get any buff you want:

– Battle Speed +100%

– 20d Gold

– 20 Gems

These are the three options that you can get for free, and if you want to level up fast, I definitely suggest watching an ad to get that +100% Battle Speed! It’s really worth it if you want to pass the stages much quicker. 

If you want to check out some more in-depth guides to some of the specific areas of the game, follow the links below:

Best Starting Heroes

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These would be all of our Metal Slug Infinity tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more cool and useful tips? Share them with us down in the comments section below, soldier!

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Metal Slug Infinity Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass All Stages


  1. Nothing helpful here for players that read the tutorial messages and fiddled around with the game for 10 minutes.
    So as usual: mostly total obvious and/or in the tutorial explained things are here called “tips and cheats”.

    Why is it “OP” to get some Gold, Gems or battle speed for watching an advertisement?
    Then the thing with the red “Touch” on slugs: that aren’t enemy slugs, that are your own slugs at the end of their runtime. Tap them to do a little more damage to the enemy before they despawn.
    Why the hell should I upgrade the first quest? At max-level it gains some hundred c while later quests gain lots and lots of gold more in the same time – at level 1!

    • Thanks for pointing that out about the slugs! I missed to notice that because they were glowing red, but thank you for making things clear. I have edited it in the article thanks to your help.

      The Gold, Gems or battle speed is good because every little freebie is welcomed! If you are resetting, then you well know that it takes a little to unlock all the quests and therefore any Gold that you get will help you make upgrades faster. As for battle speed, it’s good to clear the stages faster, is it not?

      As for the quest, I can see why you would think that – but if you consider that the quest has an extremely short cooldown (the shortest of all the quests), then you will get those some hundred c every 3 seconds, while for the other quests it takes a little bit more. Of course, I don’t mean just upgrading the first quest and that’s all! All of the quests are good because they are passive income, and they should all be maxed out eventually. It’s just that the first one is the cheapest, fastest one and I considered it to be a good upgrade.


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