Meshi Quest is a charming little mobile game created by Square Enix. Similar to Cooking Craze, Meshi Quest puts you in charge of running your own restaurant, serving customers and making sure that you’re offering them exactly what they need, without them waiting too long.

For those who love Japanese cuisine, the game will be perfect to play: but everybody who’s up for a challenge will enjoy it. And we’re here to help you get the best possible experience by sharing some Meshi Quest tips and cheats that will help you get three star ratings to all missions.

Cook ahead
Probably the most important thing you can do in the game is to start cooking well in advance, before the customers arrive and make the requests.

There are some items that will be required no matter what: for example, you will always need rice, so make sure that the rice cooker is always working, you have rice in your hands and the plate full of rice.

Also, you can prepare the plates, waiting for the dishes and put the soy sauce on them – or alternate and prepare plates beforehand with items your customers want.

Also make sure to always refill/restart doing the things you give your customers. Basically, the more things you have already prepared, the better you will do, even when things get really difficult and you have a ton of customers to please.

Don’t collect the money
If things really seem to get out of hand because of the sheer number of customers, simply don’t collect the money. This will prevent new customers from appearing where the money are left and they give you some time to catch up and get things in order.

Even afterwards, you can collect just one or two sets of coins in order to keep the pace of incoming customers under control. Just make sure that you meet the requirements for the three star rewards at the end!

Upgrade dishes and restaurant
There are two main types of upgrades that you can purchase in the game in order to make things easier on your side:

– the restaurant upgrades work on improving your customers’ waiting times and make it easier for you to complete the required orders. However, I found out that focusing on the other upgrades – detailed below – works best early on

– the dishes upgrades work in various ways: they either increase the amount of coins you get for a specific ingredient (therefore making it a lot easier to get the three star ratings) or decrease the time required to prepare them, which also helps a lot. As I said, I think that you should focus on purchasing these upgrades more often than the restaurant ones – or at least until you see that you start losing customers too fast or often.

Complete orders one at a time
Trying to work with multiple customers at once can prove to be extremely difficult, so my advice is to focus on completing the orders one at a time.

Some multitasking is more than welcome if you can do it – and it basically has to do with working on more things at the same time, but you should still focus on delivering orders one at a time.

However, if one of the customers starts getting antsy feet and is getting upset – even posing the risk for you to lose the customer – you have two options: either completely ignore them and lose them (especially if you risk losing others as well if you won’t be able to complete many orders in time) or try to focus on them first, complete the order, then move on.

It’s good to know that if you lose a customer, the combo breaks, so it’s better to try and save them all. However, if you are not sure you’ll be able to complete that order, you’re just wasting time so sometimes it’s best to let one go and still get the win!

Log in often

Logging in often is extremely important, because your restaurant(s) generate profits even while you are away. The more stages you have unlocked, the more coins are generated, so it’s a good idea to log in often in order to make it easier for you to collect the money.

Also, logging in each day rewards you with a horoscope dish and if you collect enough of those, you will get premium currency in return.

These would be, for now, our tips and tricks for fellow Meshi Quest: Five Star Restaurant players. If you have extra advice for fellow players, don’t hesitate to share them with fellow players in the comment section below.


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