Cooking Craze is an amazing time management game created by Big Fish Games in which you race against the clock to satisfy the culinary needs of your clients. Things get more and more complicated as you progress through the levels, so a bunch of Cooking Craze cheats and tips will surely help you get the three stars in all areas and get the most out of the game.

And that’s exactly what we plan to share with you today: some Cooking Craze tips and tricks to improve your gameplay and help you beat all stages without a problem. So let’s not waste a single second and let’s check them all out below!

1. Get cooking in advance

One of the most important things you can do is to start cooking in advance. In other words, always try to have everything ready for any type of order in as few taps as possible.

There’s no need to wait for a customer to come and place the order and then start cooking. Have everything ready and just tap the ingredients in the correct order. Don’t forget to refill and replace the used stuff and never let your food burn – your achievements will love you for that!

Pro tip: In easy levels or when you don’t have extremely varied cooking options, you can prepare some of the basic ingredients before in order to simplify everything even more. For example in the donuts levels, you can always have two donuts ready: one with chocolate glazing and one with the strawberries.

This becomes even more useful in the later levels when you have to work with multiple ingredients.

2. Master previous levels before new restaurant

Every now and then you will unlock a new restaurant. Although it’s basically the same thing in terms of gameplay, you will get new ingredients and new items to prepare for your customers.

My recommendation is to make sure that you master all the previous levels before starting work on the new restaurant, because otherwise it will be more and more difficult for you to come back and master the previous levels.

The thing is that you get used with how things work in a restaurant and therefore it’s easier for you to complete the more difficult challenges that come from the later missions.

If you move to the new one and come back, the placement of the ingredients and the way things work won’t be as familiar as they were and you might struggle to complete the difficult levels. So complete everything before moving on!

3. Be strategic when upgrading foods

As you progress through the game you have more and more options available when it comes to upgrading the different ingredients. The game does a pretty good job at recommending what to upgrade next, so you can follow those recommendations.

If you want to do it yourself, always upgrade the ingredients that are asked for the most and always upgrade the cheapest available ones first. The point is to increase the revenue per ingredient as much as possible in order to maximize profits and increase your chances of winning levels.

4. Serve clients one at a time

Things will start getting pretty hectic eventually, but you shouldn’t panic. Serve your clients one at a time, focusing on one order at a time. If you’re trying to randomly fill orders, you will most likely fail. So take a deep breath and do it methodically.

It is possible, on some occasions, that the game will automatically serve the food you make to a different client than what you’re planning to, if there are two clients asking for the same thing.

This can be the biggest challenge in levels because it can confuse you a bit, but with some practice and steel nerves, you’ll be able to get past this obstacle as well.

5. Add friends for more lives

If you’re starting to fail levels constantly, connect the game to your Facebook account and add some friends. They can send you lives – and you can do the same for them. Take advantage of this to keep playing!

6. Look for levels you can replay

Every day, there will be a previous level you have already completed available for a replay. It will be marked with a yellow star and you should always take advantage and complete these previous levels first because they will help you make more coins for buying valuable upgrades in the game.

This is extremely useful if you didn’t get the most out of previous levels and you’re stuck with no coins to upgrade and no levels to complete. This is a very unlikely event to happen, but if it does, completing previous levels and making maximum amounts of coins from them is the only way to keep moving forward.

But, of course, it’s better to try and get the most out of the levels as you play them and also go for perfect runs in order to maximize the profits.

Another good thing you can do in order to get more coins – and you should also take advantage of this as often as possible, especially when or if things are starting to seem way too difficult – is to watch ads to double your income. This is vital to help you move forward and buy those upgrades for the restaurants you own.

These would be our Cooking Craze tips and tricks. Do you have other strategies that work just as well… or maybe even better? Let us all know by commenting below!

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  1. How do you complete a combination level when the customers come out one at a time. Never enough people to get combinations. I know that these games are all about you mak8ng money with our purchases. I don’t buy so I guess this is the end of the road for me. You can only try a level so many hundreds of times before losing interest.

    • You have to wait for more customers to come out and serve them in a group. You might need to have cupcakes ready, but usually you can just keep an eye on the first customers happy meter and make sure you serve the dishes before it falls. I like to wait for 3 or 4 customers, try to prepare the dishes they need and then quickly click them all to serve the combos.

  2. I like cooking craze game but i think I have to stop playing it since the creator of the game made the Dublin restaurants more difficult and impossible to achieve making it less exciting.

  3. It’s not fair that you can’t take the tokens and the spoons when you go from 1 country to another people like me who carnt afford to buy off these games is not fair

    • I feel the same way… what’s the point in playing the extra shifts in another level if you can’t use the revenue???? There should be some kind of ‘exchange rate’ to take coins earned to a different country. I too lost interest, but used the boosts to help get me past that plateau. And the clock doesn’t count down correctly. It will say like ‘2’ one time and go to zero, when I needed that one last customer, other times it holds at ‘1’ enabling me to complete the level…. makes no sense. I too, refuse to pay real money just to win a level…. better things to spend it on. My thoughts are if you do, your an egotistical narcissist who needs to ‘win’ everything… or have too much money… donate it to a charity!!

    • That’s exactly how I feel. I recently just started playing and I racked up A LOT of money to upgrade and I just went to Paris and I cannot afford to buy more spoons or anything else to upgrade. I have spent money on this game but I cannot afford anything else and I didn’t know that I couldn’t at least upgrade on other countries with my previous earnings so now I’m just stuck

      • I 100% agree!! It’s so frustrating when you have all this money in one restaurant and can’t take it with you to the next restaurant.. what are you supposed to do with that $? It just sits there never to be used again? Thoughts?

    • I agree this game would be the best game if it just allowed you to keep what you have made as you go along to the next city. I would be willing to spend a little more money if the game made that a possibility.

      • I have been searching for an answer on what to do my my money I have in New York. It won’t ever let me spend it after going to game in Paris?

  4. How can you complete a combo level when all the customers ask for two or less items? I’ve just lost loads of lives, but out of my four customers, not ONE wanted three dishes!?!

  5. Yes, I feel the same…Hate the combo levels…Was enjoying the game just the way it was…There is definitely only so many times you play and not make progress that you lose interest…Think it is time to delete and look for another game!

  6. I too enjoy the game, but can never tell when you’re at a level that you either can’t let anything burn, or throw away an item.
    Also, another issue is when you enter into the challenges (food trucks, etc.) it’s never explained how to prepare dishes, you’re stuck looking at what a customer orders and what food you have to prepare to try and figure out what they’re asking for.

    • You can always see the level goals (likes, dishes, profit) and requirements (no burn, no trash, time limit) before playing a level.

      Food trucks are easy at the beginning but get really hard later on so I don’t recommend doing them. Unless you’re a super pro, you’ll end up spending way more precious boosters than you will earn at the end.

  7. We should be able to use the coins that we earned that are not transferable to the next level/world by using them to buy spoons or power ups, such as the no burn , fast done Etc

  8. I love the game, or to be more precise, I loveD it until I saw that I can’t transfer the money in between cities.
    Some of the levels where I have to get likes are next to impossible to pass without a boost like insta cook or the anti burn one.
    Also, the combo levels are exausting…

  9. Yes, I’ve just discovered that the coins are non transferrable, especially when I saved them like crazy because I knew I was on my way to Paris, that does upset me.
    After reading the tipd But, I now am able to better understand what’s expected on most of the levels and, I did find out that even if you’re at a level where you can’t throw anything away, since it’s not a no burn challenge you can let it burn without having to discard something to take it’s place and lose the level, hope that makes since.

  10. I am stuck in Rome the last section of Rome . I can’t make it and I am not spending money on this. I am fast enough but They don’t send in enough customers. All my pink cupcakes are the same way I am totally stuck and everything has been fully up graded

    • I just left Rome & am now in Rio.
      I had to purchase to two boosts to get out of there. I was stuck for two weeks before giving in & making the purchase -_-

  11. Last level on shanghi took my burn proof and my spoons again and then crashed me out, these combos are getting boring now 4 one after another, hate it, also what’s the point of having extra coins if you cannot take them with you? Don’t see the point in getting sent back to other city’s you have already compleated not to be able to take the counts you have earned in that game. Getting to the stage I want to give up and try a new game…

  12. i cannot find comment card 17 & 18 to get through to level 17. i have replay levels 1-16 all three times, and been playing pink extra shifts for two days and can’t get a comment card. what’s the purpose if i can’t go any farther?!

  13. Wish we could still get coins even though we can’t complete the level. I don’t play the game as much for that reason. I have been in Dublin for a couple of weeks now. Can’t buy spoons as often as I would like to not practical for me.

  14. I enjoy this game very much but am frustrated with these comment cards. I beat the level and earned more coins than chef but still do not receive the comment card any suggestions can not get past level 37 38 39?

  15. Does anyone know how to get extra customers in the serve a specific number of orders challenges? I completed all orders but it still shows not enough customers served.

    • You have to serve the orders faster for more customers to come in (especially if it’s a timed level). Also try not to lose ANY customers. If you lose one the level can become impossible.

    • It’s to get you to spend real money to buy spoons with which you can then buy extra customers. If you do this buy the extra customers as boosts in advance for 3 lots of 3 customers 50 spoons or it will offer for you to buy at the end of the game for 35 spoons for only 1 x 3 customers which is a lot more expensive.

  16. SKIP THIS GAME. Time management games should be skill games. In order to win many levels in this game, you must use power ups. For example, all levels in Shanghai that have coin-based goals. If you max out your upgrades, fill orders at max speed, and serve only at 5 combos – in other words PERFECT – you should be able to win. There are at least 6 levels in the first 40 in Shanghai that you cannot with AT ALL under perfect conditions. What fun is that.
    Unless you want to spend $10 or more per day, this game gets frustrating quickly, even if you are a true pro.

  17. I am loving this game that my battery died without realising but I am confused on how to take food back in the truck challenge if it’s wrong! is it possible and why does the system give the food to the wrong customers because of this I lose customers

  18. I am stuck on the games that you need to have the patrons give a thumbs up ! Is there a trick .. if you need 25 to win I only get 8 or 9 … any suggestions?

  19. I’ve amassed 147,775 in coins. I’m only on level 62; but, I’ve got no idea what I could possibly use it on. I can’t use it for spoons, to buy extra customers, more lives or anything. I’m NOT spending real money … ever! What’s the point in having all of those fake coins? Time for a new game … sigh

  20. It’s a shame, it’s such a good game, but some of the levels are ridiculously hard, so you get bored, who wants to keep purchasing more spoons just to keep failing!? I think it would be good if you could spend your spoons on skipping a particularly hard level.. The option being given after you have tried say 15 times. I’ve got to the point now where I can’t be bothered with it.

  21. This is a GAME so the fact that I had 200,000 coins and all of my NYC resturants were fully upgraded and I made it to Paris and could not spend any of those coins at the next city is prosperous really. I really like the same because it really helps with my focus and attention to detail, but why play when the cards are stacked against you? With one oven and 50 orders its impossible to beat a level without using real money in a game. Yeah it was fun while it lasted and the 30 people I told about the game I am telling to uninstall right now because its a sham. We watch the million ads, but to create a game so the ONLY way you can advance is to spend money is crazy. I understand some people will spend because they don’t want to wait or just have oddles of money to spend on things like this, but to know its impossible to advance unless you spend money is ridiculous. Yeah it was fun while it lasted. Going to google play to post this as well so have millions time and effort.

    • You should proof read before you post. Also I am in Instanbul on level 47 and have NEVER spent real money on the game. It is not impossible to play without spending real money.

      • Actually I’m on Rome right now and have NEVER came across a level with only 1 oven and 50 orders. Even if that is the case, upgrade your oven so it can serve more dishes faster. There’s always a way out without spending real money.

  22. I’m on level 56 in Rio and I’m feeling stuck since they added the greens. There’s no way to prepare dishes in advance because you can’t specify which plates you want to put greens on, so i have to make each dish as it’s ordered. Does anyone have tips for this?

  23. I attempted a new cafe with eggs and bread it Won’t allow up grades, which annoyed me, as customers were requesting for green topping which isn’t available not only annoyed but where is the upgrade? The other extras are automatically there can you please help?

    • The upgrade for the berries in the Breakfast Café should be there in the ingredients shop… if not, maybe it’s because you don’t have enough coins for it.

  24. It absolutely makes sense that coins are not transferable to other countries IMO. I just hope that when I get to New Orleans I can use my coins from NYC because they’re the same currency!

  25. I cannot figure out how to make the drinks that use ice in the food court level 4 of the last food hut. I crush the ice but can’t get it in the dink? What am I missing??

    • You have to play 18 shift at any levels, if the levels you passed are completed, it will turn into pink so that you could replay the game. Then you will win a prize for that specific daily task!

  26. I am at level 90 but i am stuck because i need the passes from level 83 and 88. I dont have enough spoons to buy the booster to double my coins and I already won all the sub levels, how do i make spoons??

  27. Combos aside, Does anybody now if you get more money by serving faster?

    I mean if you serve a customer when they’re about to leave you get less money?

  28. I’m on level 38 in Tokyo. I’ve upgraded everything and replayed all levels prior to level 38 so I can’t get more spoons to give myself that extra 30secs I need to pass this level. I have 25 customers to serve and 58 secs to do it in. It’s truly impossible!!!!


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