Merge Mansion Daily Tasks Explained: Daily Box Rewards and More

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Merge Mansion from Metacore Games is a mobile game where players must help clean up a derelict mansion. Items appear in the garage where players will combine them to create new items, or level up objects to use in tasks. Each new area is unlocked as each task is completed, and players can clear more areas as they level up. Items used to clean, clear away debris, and plant or build new parts of the mansion grounds can be found in boxes and chests that are earned while playing (or bought in the store). As well as the main tasks, players are offered Daily Tasks to gain extra boxes of different types. Completing all daily tasks rewards players with a chest full of useful goodies! Find out more below.

Merge Mansion Daily Tasks

Players are rewarded with randomly assigned boxes for completing Daily Tasks in Merge Mansion. Daily Tasks could ask for a variety of items such as Paint Cans, Screws, Gardening Tools, and more. In exchange for the required item the player is given either a Detergent Box, Paint Box, Cleaning box, Lamp Box, Tool Box, Orange Flower Box, Bench Box, or Peony Flower Box. Each box contains a random assortment of 5 items related to the reward box.

merge mansion daily tasks
Merge Mansion Daily Tasks (via Metacore Games)
Box TypePossible Items NeededPossible Reward Items
Detergent BoxCrowbar, Paint Can (L3)Soap, Liquid Soap, Power Detergent, 20XP, 50XP
Cleaning BoxCrowbar, Hedge Shears, Wood (L4), Screws (L3), Vase (L5), Large Water Bottle (L1), Family Locket (L1)Bucket, Sponge, Plunger, 20XP, 50XP
Lamp BoxPower Detergent, Crowbar, Dust Pan, Medium Water Bottle, Vase (L5), Large Water Bottle (L1)Light Bulb, Post Light (L1), Post Light (L2)
Bench BoxPower Detergent, Screws (L3), Medium Water Bottle, Mosaic (L3)Wooden Stool, Stool, High Stool, 20XP, 50XP
Tool BoxVase (L4), Leaf Rake, Knife, Hedge Shears, Small Water Bottle, Orange Flower Bud (L3), Peony Flower Bud (L2), SoapAdjustable Wrench, Mallet, Paint Brush, 20XP, 50XP
Peony Flower BoxMedium Water Bottle, Hedge Shears, Mosaic (L3), CrowbarPeony Flower Seedling (L1), Peony Flower Seedling (L2), Peony Flower Bud (L1), 20XP, 50XP
Orange Flower BoxLeaf Rake, Hedge Shears, Crowbar, Power Detergent, Medium Water Bottle, Mosaic (L3)Orange Flower Seedling, Orange Flower Bud (L1), Orange Flower Bud (L2), 20XP, 50XP
Paint BoxDust Pan, Vase (L4), Vase (L5)Paint Can (L2), Paint Can (3), Paint Can (L4), 20XP, 50XP

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clear merge mansion
Merge items to use to clear the Mansion grounds! (via Metacore Games

If all 6 Daily Tasks are completed within the time limit, players are rewarded with a Daily Box containing Gems, an in-game currency.

Players can choose to complete their Daily Tasks whenever they feel they can spare the items, or need the ones potentially offered in the reward boxes. We hope this guide has given you the chance to see if it is worth completing the Daily Tasks today! Good luck.

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Merge Mansion Daily Tasks Explained: Daily Box Rewards and More


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