How to Get Screws and a Box in Merge Mansion

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Merge Mansion is one of the most popular item-merging puzzle games on the market. Thanks to the clever ad campaign and engaging storyline, Merge Mansion continues to surprise and entertain. Playing as Maddie, the aim of the game is to match and merge items in the Garage to produce other items that can be used to clear the driveway and gardens. As each area is completed, another is unlocked, and more story is revealed. One of the items found in the Garage is the Screw, which can be merged to eventually create a whole box of them. Find out more below.

How to Get Screws and Box of Screws in Merge Mansion

Level 1 Screws can be found by tapping the Toolbox found in the Garage. At first the Toolbox is in parts and must be put together by the player to then be used and merged to gain resources like Tools, Screws, and Paint Cans:

Toolbox merge mansion
The Toolbox in Merge Mansion (Metacore Games)

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The Toolbox will drop Screws from level 4 onwards at a rate of 8 drops every 1 hour 48 minutes. A level 9 Toolbox will drop 28 items every 8 minutes. The Screws obtained from these Toolboxes can then be merged to level them up to a full ‘Box of Screws’:

Screw merge mansion
Box of Screws in Merge Mansion (Metacore Games)

Screws can also be found in Blue Boxes, Shipping Containers, or bought from the Shop. No task requires level 1 Screws, so it is worth merging them for the higher level item Box of Screws, and keeping a few in the Garage:

2Screw IPool House
3Screw IIBeach House, Pool Area, Grand Drive Pt 2
4Screw IIIBeach House, Pool Area, Grand Drive Pt 2
5Box of Screws1 XP StarMultiple times throughout game

Good luck!

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How to Get Screws and a Box in Merge Mansion


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