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Merge Mansion: Casey and Skatie Event Guide

Merge Mansion: Casey and Skatie Event Guide

Welcome to Merge Mansion, the mansion where you can build your own furniture by combining your old furniture together! This is a game for players who enjoy the combining and tidying aspects, as you’ll be refurnishing a mansion from scratch. Merge Mansion also features special events, and one such event is beach-themed! Today, we’ll go over the beach event in our Merge Mansion Casey and Skatie event guide!

Casey and Skatie Event Guide

Casey & Skatie is a replayable event in Merge Mansion. This event takes place in the Beach House, which is the sixth area in the whole game. You’ll need to be at least level 14 and have progressed enough through the Beach House to have the Sign — Fix Sign Task. You’ll only have three days to complete the event once you start it, so be ready. Though, you can always try it again if you mess up, so don’t worry too much. Tap on the calendar button whenever you’re ready to officially start the event.

Similar to the other events in Merge Mansion, your main objective here is to collect as much event experience as possible. The higher your event level is when your time runs out, the more rewards you’ll earn.

At the start of the event board, you’ll have the basic Mixer and Beach Furniture. When you merge a Watermelon Piece with the Mixer, it’ll create Dust Removers, which can be used to unlock the cobwebbed pieces on your board.

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Beach Furniture is perhaps the most important item, as it’ll create Beach Toys, which in turn can be merged to create Caseys. Caseys are shiny medals that drop event experience, which makes them the most valuable item for the whole event.

The core loop of the Casey and Skatie event is to use your Watermelons on the Mixer to create Dust Removers, then use your Shells to spawn more cobwebbed Beach Toys while also getting items from Beach Furniture. This will help you collect more Caseys, which help you get more event experience.

The reward for clearing this event are the Pool Toys for your main garage board. Pool Toys will also help you merge the Sign! When the event ends, you’ll lose complete access to the event board, so make sure to sell off any items you have leftover from it for some extra coins.

And that’s it! You should now be able to clear the Casey & Skatie event in Merge Mansion. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Merge Mansion: Casey and Skatie Event Guide


  1. I have replaying for about 2 months to obtain the sign. I can only get to level 10 each time, do very slow going on merging the rewards. Any tips? I use blender and shells, but turnover time for the chair to make stars is sooo long.

    • Hey Kelly,

      You’re doing great so far. Unfortunately, staying on top of the Beach Chairs and Caseys is pretty much all you can do. These events are designed to be stretched out as much as possible, and it took us several retries to complete the Sign.


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