Merge Mansion: Ignatius Boulton Event Guide

Merge Mansion: Ignatius Boulton Event Guide

Merge Mansion is an interesting mobile product. There are many different activities and today we are going to tell you about one of the most confusing ones. Ignatius Boulton is something like a puzzle where you need to merge different items that you have to use to obtain blue stars for level up and other useful things. This guide will tell you about the basics of this event and what items you can merge there.

How to Begin Ignatius Boulton Event in Merge Mansion

If you want to play the Ignatius Boulton event in Merge Mansion and get its rewards, you will need to start it. In order to make this event available, you will have to complete a couple of tasks. But the main prerequisite is to have the Fix Missing Item task. It unlocks at the end of The Grand Drive. Once you have it, you will be able to unlock the event on the map screen. Just tap on the event button and unlock it. The event lasts for three days. So, you have to make sure that you will be able to play it.

How to Play Ignatius Boulton Event in Merge Mansion

When you start playing the Ignatius Boulton Event in Merge Mansion, you will see a field filled with squares with different numbers and boxes. You can move only the green numbers, while the dark numbers are stationary. In order to merge a number, you have to grab any of them and put it on a square with the same number. Then these numbers will merge into a higher one. So, if you grab a number two and merge it with another one, you will obtain a number three. When you merge something near a box, you can open it. Then you will be able to see what was inside and use it for merge. You can continue to play this event and get more interesting items.

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Merge Mansion: Ignatius Boulton Event Guide


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