After years of waiting, Megaman X DiVE has finally released globally! Megaman fans have been waiting for this all-new mobile entry into Capcom’s legendary platforming series, and hopefully the wait will have been worth it. You can play as different characters throughout the franchise, and you can equip them with all sorts of weapons. There’s plenty of weapons to choose from, so which ones are the best? We’ve got some ideas here in our Megaman X DiVE weapon tier list!

Please keep in mind that the game just came out, so a lot of these weapons are subject to change. After some preliminary testing, we can safely say that we think this is a good starting list, though expect many changes to come in the future as more community data comes in.

This list was constructed through a few different factors: damage, range, and rate of fire were among the most important. Bear in mind that some weapons might be better suited for different battles, and it’s always the best idea to trust your gut and use the weapon you feel the most comfortable with!

S Tier


  • Doom Blade
  • Crimson Scythe
  • Demon Blade Muramasa


  • Gravitational Pulse
  • Biochemical Buster
  • Sniper Buster
  • Electric Current Spray Gun
  • Purgatory Machine Gun

A Tier


  • Nightmare
  • Berserker Great Sword
  • Ancient Relic
  • Twin Fangs


  • Air Buster
  • Destructive Laser
  • Aqua Buster
  • Shooting Dragon
  • Boomerang Blade
  • Jet Vortex Buster
  • Beam Machine Gun
  • Savage Tusk of Thunder
  • Heart of Gold
  • Atomic Disintegration
  • Falcon Ballista
  • Poisonous Cloud Spray Gun
  • Essence of the Abyss
  • Explosive Blower
  • Pyro Executioner
  • Glittering Spark
  • Heart Spray Gun
  • Freezing Dominator
  • Extraordinary Mortar
  • Napalm’s Head
  • Destroyer
  • Assault Equipment
  • Cannon God
  • Turbo Cannon
  • Howling Storm

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B Tier


  • Triangular Saber
  • Elite Lance
  • Festive Specialty
  • Beam Rapier


  • Gatling Gun
  • Arrow Buster
  • Shadow Blade Buster
  • ROG – Hunter Buster
  • Sonic Buster
  • Shotgun
  • Ion Rifle
  • Snowy Spray Gun
  • Crushing Spray Gun
  • Light Wave Cannon
  • Drill Head Cannon
  • Heavy Blaster
  • High-speed Rifle

C Tier

Good weapons for starting out, but become outdated rather quickly. It’s best to move


  • Standard Saber


  • Wind Pressure Buster
  • Laser Rifle
  • Triangle Gun
  • Gas Emitter
  • Compressed Spray Gun
  • Burning Spray Gun
  • Energy Cannon
  • X Buster
  • Military Buster
  • Cannon

And there you have it: a tier list for the weapons in Megaman X DiVE. As we mentioned, expect this list to change in the future once new weapons come out. If you don’t agree with any of the weapons’ placement, let us know in the comments below!

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