Megaman X DiVE is a gacha based action platformer videogame developed by Capcom Taiwan. As a gacha title, the game features a plentitude of characters from the Megaman series. And, obtaining and raising all of them is a daunting task and it will even cost you a good amount of money. So to help you with the decision on which character to get and upgrade and which not, we are here with our Megaman X DiVE character tier list.

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Megaman X DiVE Character Tier List: From Best to Worst Characters

Here is our Megaman X DiVE character tier list. It features the best to worst playable characters in Megaman X DiVE.

S Tier Characters

  • Bass
  • Zero Nightmare
  • Proto Man Exe
  • Ferham
  • Third Armor X
  • Super Bass

A Tier Characters

  • Omega
  • Valentine’s Day Ciel
  • Roll Caskett
  • White Day AXL
  • Iris ANother
  • Bridal Alia
  • Bridal Layer
  • Hunter V
  • Hunter R
  • Dark Megaman
  • Swimsuit Tron
  • X Kai
  • X Rising Fire
  • Cinnamon
  • First Armor X
  • Second Armor X
  • Proto Man
  • Ultimate Armor X
  • Sigma
  • Swimsuit Roll
  • Halloween Marino
  • Sigman X4 2nd Form
  • Copy X
  • Bass GS

B Tier Characters

  • X
  • AXL
  • Aile
  • Layer
  • Rathalos Armor X
  • Vile MK II
  • Colonel
  • Falcon Armor X
  • Rico
  • Harpuia
  • Swimsuit Ferham
  • Bass EXE
  • Black Zero
  • White Day Cinnamon
  • Super Mega Man
  • Iris Ultimate Armor X CM
  • Leviathan
  • Awakened Zero
  • Swimsuit Layer
  • Swimsuit Iris
  • Festive Zero
  • Halloween Vile
  • Magma Dragoon
  • Absolute Zero
  • Valentine’s Day Iris

C Tier Characters

  • New Year Cinnamon
  • Vile
  • Marino
  • Roll
  • Bit
  • Halloween Aile
  • Christmas Leviathan
  • Megaman Volnutt Alt
  • White Day Alia
  • Ciel
  • Pandora
  • Tron Bonne

D Tier Characters

  • Megaman
  • Alia
  • Megaman Volnutt
  • Palette
  • Massimo

E Tier Characters

  • Servbot

That’s it for now. We will update this list when the game gets any new playable characters. That aside, we know, not everyone has the same opinion when deciding characters’ tier in gacha games. So, how about you mention your five best characters so far in Megaman X DiVE in the comments below.

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