We’ve really loved playing Chillingo’s Mega Dead Pixel as you could read in our review and we believe that you love the game too. Therefore, we have decided to come and give you a helping hand with some Mega Dead Pixel cheats: a set of tips and tricks that will help you get the most from the game. And hopefully keep your eyes as safe as possible because that is indeed a game that puts pressure on the tired eyes.

But complaining is not for winners – and that’s what we plan to be, so let’s check out below TTP’s Mega Dead Pixel cheats and tips!


Focus on completing missions
Your main goal should be that of completing the missions in Mega Dead Pixel. Not only that you will get some extra and really valuable coins, but you will also unlock better upgrades for the game, which are vital. And the first 20 missions are extremely easy to complete, so make sure you do them as fast as possible.

Log in with Facebook
For a quick and nice coin bonus, as well as challenges against friends, make sure that you connect your Facebook account when asked.

Start as a size 2 Pixel
It does cost 10 coins which might seem a lot at first, but it also helps a lot because the falling pace of the 2 pixel box is greater than that of 1 pixel and therefore you will have an easier chance of becoming a mega pixel fast.

Stay away from the 1 pixel
Probably the most annoying because crashing into it gives you no benefits, but still reduces your size. So always try to stay away from it (and the smaller shapes) and only go for shapes as big as possible as they fill the Mega Pixel meter faster.

Try to stay size 3-4
Probably the safest size and the easiest to navigate (plus size 2, which is pretty risky). At size 4 or 3 you won’t suffer too much if you crash into a shape and you will still be able to be mobile enough and slide between the other shapes. So try to make this your goal. Don’t go bigger because the speed will be too fast and try to stay away from the size 1 pixel too since it’s the most dangerous.

Crash into big shapes
Whether you are a mega pixel or just can’t avoid a crash, go for the big shapes. The bigger the shape, the bigger the bonus you get so it really is a waste of pixels to crash into small shapes.

Don’t buy too many shapes
Although coloring shape after shape gives you bonuses, you will probably crash into them more often, so avoid purchasing too many shapes. My advice would be to purchase them from 12 pixels and higher and ignore everything below that.

Buy hats
Usually hats in games like this only have a cosmetic effect, but in Mega Dead Pixel, they also improve your stats. Each has its own pros and cons, so make sure to invest in the hat that really helps your play style. If I were to recommend one, that would be the Charlie hat – the best one to get early on!

Bonuses are also great
Each of the bonuses are amazing, but you actually have to purchase them first and then collect them during play time. But with bonuses like Instant Mega Pixel and the Destroyer, things get really interesting so make sure that you balance the shape purchase rate with investing into bonuses too.

Rest Your Eyes
It might not be the case for everybody, but I found out that after playing a few games, my eyes get very tired and I play worse and worse. Take a few minutes to rest your eyes, stay away from the game and try again. You’ll see an improvement in your game!

And this would be for now – our tips and tricks for Mega Dead Pixel. Let us know if you have other suggestions for players trying to get an Endless Fall!



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