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Age of Dynasties Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide for a Successful Dynasty

Age of Dynasties Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide for a Successful Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty: Game of Kings is a brand new mobile game that will hopefully get more attention, because it really deserves it. And today we’re here to help you get better at it by sharing some Age of Dynasties: Medieval War cheats and tips in a complete strategy guide for wannabe monarchs.

Similar in concept with games like Lapse or Reigns, Age of Dynasties takes things a step forward in terms of strategy, options and complexity.

For example, you have no less than 16 different elements to consider, from resources to Nobility, The Church and Barbarians, which makes things a lot more interesting from the get go. You have tons of events and many other things working for and against you in what is a really good multiple choice kind of game which deserves your attention.

But today we’re here to talk some strategy, so let’s check out below some Medieval Dynasty tips and tricks below!

The multiple-multiple choices require your top attention!
An extremely interesting concept in the multiple-choice mechanics of the game is the introduction of challenges that require you to select multiple answers, all with different effects, pros and cons.

You don’t know what option you will get next, with each current one affecting resources (both positively and negatively), as well as having various success rate modifications. These are obviously extremely important to succeed because usually they will have many cons. So if you fail, you lose resources and earn nothing in return.

So always make sure to deal with these first and pay attention to everything that you select, in order to keep your success chances high, but also the resources under control.

Look at the elements above when deciding what to do
No matter what type of a decision you’re facing, look at the effects it will have. The text itself does not matter much in most cases, but what matters are the results: which of the 16 important attributes of your kingdom will increase and which will decrease following your decision.

Try to always keep things under balance, choosing the ones that increase the attributes that are low and decrease the ones that are high.

Success rate is extremely important
However, as I was saying before, success rate is extremely important: the higher the success percentage, the better. The problem is that if your choice fails, you will still lose the resources – but gain nothing in return.

This is why it’s extremely important to balance things and aim for the highest possible success rate, especially when it comes to the challenges that add up the numbers: all of them have a success rate attached, which is not always visible on screen. But if you scroll on the tiny text describing the effects, you will get to see that as well. Aim for the highest numbers always.

Dealing with material crisis
No matter how good you are at micromanaging your empire, you will definitely end up having a crisis of materials or with some of the other attributes.

In these cases, you will need to spend the accumulated XP points in order to get out of debt. And you have multiple options: either spend XP points directly on a success-rate decided action (which could fail) or hire an advisor that will give you a constant boost over the course of a few turns.

I personally prefer the latter, but in order to get such an advisor you should prepare a bit in advance and not allow a particular resource or attribute to go too low. If it’s too low, then you will be automatically taken to the multiple choice screen, which is not ideal.

Watch ads for XP points (and hire advisors)
You only get a small amount of XP points when you complete a turn, but you can get a full batch of 50 when you watch a video ad. This would allow you to instantly hire an advisor, so it’s extremely useful to watch ads constantly in order to have a lot of XP on your hands at all times.

There’s no need to always have an advisor hired, but it’s always a must to have at least 50 XP points to be able to hire one if needed.

It’s also important to know that any XP points that you have accumulated will carry on to a new game once your current dynasty is over. So you will always start a new game with an advantage, making replays easier and more fun.

Know the effects of your current leader
This is a dynasty we’re talking about, so kings and queens will come and go. Each of them, though, will have different effects: either positive or negative.

Make sure to always check out the current stats and changes brought in by the current monarch and try to make your choices according to their boosts (or cons).

You can anticipate the results of some events
As you play, you will start to understand that some of the events can have somewhat predictable results – especially when it comes to the negative ones.

For example, there was an attack (multiple choices) that I was preparing to defend the kingdom against invaders and one of my choices was to have the current monarch lead the army. My success rate was really low – and the entire operation failed. I not only lost the resources, but the monarch himself was injured and soon after died.

Things like this are good to know if you’re trying to get rid of a monarch, for example. I had one which was nicknamed “the greedy” which is probably one of the worst possible characters in the game, with lots of things going on the red.

You have a chance of getting rid of such a monarch by sending them into a fight or anything similar – and it’s worth the risk. You will lose some resources, it’s true, but not as many as you would if you kept them ruling for years and years.

These would be our tips and tricks for Age of Dynasties: Medieval War for mobile. If you have some additional strategies to share with fellow players, don’t hesitate to do so by commenting below.

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Age of Dynasties Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide for a Successful Dynasty


  1. I’m having troubles iniating war. No where can I find how to do it. I’ve huge armies in their territory but can not start a war. In diplomacy I hear there is a start a war, but it is never available. Please help

    • You can’t have more than 10000 soldiers in an Army
      You can build another army through the panel where you find resource management and expand city
      To get here, from; I will do other chores before you end a turn go-to the strategy map locate your city probably in the Caslands, click on your city, there you find everything about managing your city from administration to buildings , resource management etc


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