Lapse: A Forgotten Future Characters: a Complete Guide

In Lapse: A Forgotten Future the characters you encounter are kinda random, so I’ve put together a complete character guide to help you keep track of all your encounters, past and present.

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In the game, you play as President Hall, the leader, and you try to lead your country in a post-apocalyptic era. The choices you make affect the outcome of the game, and also the meters. If one goes too low (or too high, also) you will be removed from your position (to say it nicely) in a brutal manner.

And, as many of you wondered, the game has 24 characters (President Hall not included). In this character guide, I will reveal to you all of them, so be careful, spoilers ahead! Without further ado, let’s get the list rolling:

Research Officer Torres

As his name suggests, the guy does research. Nothing special about him, just the usual nuclear testing here and there.

Director of Intelligence Moore

Like the famous Men in Black, this guy is trying to help and contain any future issues might rise in the country. He is a secretive guy, but a good adviser nonetheless.

Governor Armstrong

Often advising the President in different affairs, he also has a dark secret. Play your game right and discover it!

Ambassador Ross

In charge of the economy, the money related issues are usually passed through him. Just be careful if he comes all rugged to you. Run away!


An Anonymous hacker who is trying to help you throughout the game, by advising you in difficult situations.

Vice President Orville

The deputy official to the President, he is here with all sorts of issues. He doesn’t seem like a bad guy.

General Ramsey

Head of the Military, he controls the wars and peace treaties and will often advise you about military-related issues.

Chef Mario

He serves as President Hall’s chef; When he offers you a cake, you should politely decline, because he isn’t as clean as he looks.

Housekeeper Anna

A decent young lady (I suppose, I can’t see her face), but she’s blunt and she is genuine about her answers all the time. If you care to listen, you would learn a thing or two.

Mrs. Alysha Hall

The wife of President Hall, she is the First Lady of the country, but deep down she has a dark secret. (hint: it has to do with the oil stain on the bed sheets, and no, it’s not from cooking)

Crazy Jeffry

Is a character who speaks in riddles, but wants to help. Even if he is a little crazy, he usually gives good advice.

Kenny the Alien

A fun and friendly alien, he is held captive by the researchers, but now and then he is offering you some riddles, which boost your stats if answered correctly.

Minister for Economic Affairs Dugan

Quite a smug guy, he most of the times wants high taxes, but now and then offers to reduce them for people’s sake (oh, how kind of him).

Researcher Kumiyo

She’s the lady of your dreams (in this case President Hall’s dreams) and she will help you build a time machine. With that in mind, keep an eye on all the dialogues with her and you will discover quite the secret.

Father Laetonius

Head of the Church, he is usually in a conflict with General Ramsey, as the church and military forces don’t really get along. Sometimes they find common ground, but not very often.

Minister of Health Gibson

Her requests will drive you crazy, as they are usually not very good in terms of the outcome, no matter the choices (and quite boring to be honest). She is good friends with the General.

Gardener Green

The guy in charge of the flowers, usually cares about beautifying the place and importing flowers.

South Leader

She’s the leader of the Southern countries. Nothing stands out in particular about her; maybe just the good looks.

The Time

The entity that claims to be time itself (who knows? apparently in this game anything’s possible). This mysterious guy introduces the game and has in important role in the game itself.

The Creator

The actual Creator of the game. He’s a helpful guy, usually offers you an Oracle in exchange for watching an ad during a tea break.

Agent Scott

He is your bodyguard, a very helpful guy, in case the Ambassador goes on a rampage he’ll help you out, so keep him around!

To sum this up, this is our complete guide to all the characters for Lapse: A Forgotten Future! It wasn’t easy to get them all, but it was definitely fun and worth the time.

All in all, we hope you find this useful and if you want a little help with the game, make sure to check our tips and tricks for Lapse: A Forgotten Future.

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Lapse: A Forgotten Future Characters: a Complete Guide


    • **SPOILERS ALERT** when the wife talks about Kumiyo, agree with her and when she tells you ‘you can tell me everything’ just tell her the story, and then ask her if she believes you, then she would kill you and that’s ending 1

      • **SPOILER ALERT***Holy crap, that’s ending 1? I got ending 2, where you first had to have K (anon hacker) collaborate with Kumiyo on the time travel research. Eventually, they will invent a device that can affect time machines like you and the Android wife. Time *snaps* the wife and then realigns the timeline.

  1. First don’t let governor visit the alien . But still you would catch him sneaking in to labs . At that time without excusing him keep on interrogating. Finally governor soul reveal his true from .


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