Mech Arena: Robot Showdown is a team-based third-person shooter featuring gigantic mechs with heavy-duty weaponry. Blast your foes apart using a wide variety of weapons, including explosives, lasers, and of course good old-fashioned machine guns. You may be wondering what the best weapons are in the game, and we’ve got a little guide for you here in our Mech Arena: Robot Showdown weapon tier list!

S Tier

  • Missile Rack series. One of the few top tier weapons that you can buy with credits, the Missile Rack 8 is easily one of the best weapons in the game. With no damage fall off and rapid fire rate, the Missile Rack can take on just about anything!
  • Javelin series. The Javelin weapons are multi-missile racks that can fire homing rockets at your targets. The Javelin Rack 6 is a very solid weapon that can last you from early game all the way to high ranks because of its versatility and strength.
  • Carbine series. The Carbine weapons are a series of high accuracy, medium range precision guns. They fire in bursts, and landing all shots deals some pretty nice damage. Carbines are incredibly versatile and strong, so they have a place in just about any arsenal.
  • Railgun 16. The Railgun 16 is the strongest single-shot weapon in the entire game. One hit from this thing can take down anything but the sturdiest mechs. Just make sure to keep your distance, as missing with the Railgun can be fatal!

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A Tier

  • Rocket Mortar series. Rocket Mortars fire volleys of missiles into the air to rain down on your enemies. They deal a lot of damage, but they’re quite tricky to use, and they’re heavily map dependent.
  • Pulse Cannon series. The Pulse Cannon series has high fire rate, but lacks some damage. Pulse Cannon 8 is a good weapon choice, but because you need to keep sustained fire on your target for anything to happen, it’s best paired with sturdier mechs.
  • Longarm series. The Longarms are the precursor to the almighty Railgun. As such, these weapons specialize in long-range, high-damage precision shots. You’ll want to stick to big maps with Longarms, as they suffer a damage penalty if your target is within 100m of you.
  • Shotgun series. Shotguns are pretty self-explanatory: get up close for maximum damage. Shotguns can shred enemies if you get the chance to close the gap, but since most of the best weapons in the games are long-range, you’ll be hard-pressed to find such an opportunity.
  • Arc Torrent series. The Arc Torrent guns are perfect for enemies that like to stay clumped together. The lightning blasts chain between nearby enemies, but you still need to get close just like the shotguns.
  • Stasis Beam series. The Stasis Beam weapons gradually apply a slowdown effect to your foes, crippling them to a guaranteed death. They also deal pretty good damage on their own.

B Tier

  • RPG series. The RPG series of weapons are medium-range explosive weapons. The RPG 6 is a great weapon early on, so go ahead and grab it if you can. However, it quickly drops off in usefulness as you get to the higher ranks.
  • Autocannon & Plasma Cannon series. The starting default machine guns, the Autocannon is the weapon you start out with. It’s basic and gets the job done for dealing with low-level bots, but you’ll want to upgrade to something else soon. The Plasma Cannon is basically the slower firing but more deadly version of the Autocannon, but neither are really worth hanging onto for too long.
  • Thermal Lance series. The Thermal Lances are sustained beam weapons that ignite your targets. They deal a lot of damage over time, but you’ll need to be able to take some shots, as you’re definitely going to eat a bunch.

That concludes our list on the weapons in Mech Arena: Robot Showdown. Think a weapon should be in a different place? Let us know in the comments below!

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