Mario Kart Tour: How to Hit a Kadomatsu Five Times

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Mario Kart Tour is a free-to-play mobile racing game that belongs to the famous Mario Kart franchise. There you will be able to participate in different racing competitions with your favorite characters from the Super Mario universe. The game provides players with lots of fun and challenges that require them to complete a certain task during one of their racings. This guide will tell you about one of these challenges. It requires you to hit a Kadomatsu with an item 5 times in Mario Kart Tour.

How to Hit a Kadomatsu Five Times in Mario Kart Tour

One of the challenges in Mario Kart Tour asks you to hit a Kadomatsu five times with an item. The task itself sounds quite simple but there is an issue. There are lots of players who don’t know anything about Japanese culture and have no idea what is Kadomatsu. So, it is quite obvious that they don’t understand what they need to hit five times to complete this challenge.

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Kadomatsu is a special decoration related to different winter holidays. Usually, it looks like decorated pines that stand near the main entrance to the house. In Mario Kart Tour, Kadomatsu looks like three bamboo sticks that are put in the wooden bucket. Also, you can see a symbol that looks like a yellow or golden fan on these plants. The item is recognizable and you will be able to see it on different racing tracks.

In order to complete this challenge, you just need to use any item that is able to hit anything and punch one of these Kadomatsu five times. After that, the task will be completed and you will receive your reward.

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Mario Kart Tour: How to Hit a Kadomatsu Five Times


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