Mario Golf: Super Rush

The Mario Golf: Super Rush character lineup is extremely varied, featuring plenty of Mario series mainstays and a few newcomers, all coming with their own unique traits that make them more or less good in specific play modes.

Among the returning characters found in the latest Mario Golf game is Yoshi. Here’s everything you need to know to play the character properly.


Yoshi is among the best characters in Mario Golf: Super Rush due to a variety of reasons. While his Power and Stamina are kind on the low side, he has the highest speed of all characters in the game, making him a great choice for Speed Golf mode, where Speed matters more than Power. Additionally, both his Special Shot and Special Dash are extremely useful in a variety of situations, making the character extremely versatile and good in pretty much all play modes.


Power: 213 yd
Stamina: 9/15
Speed: 10/10
Control: 7/10
Spin: 3/10

Special Abilities

Yoshi’s Special Shot Eggschanger, a special shot that turns balls into eggs on impact. This Special Shot is extremely good on the green, as turning balls into eggs adds a lot of curve to the shot which is sure to make opponents miss the hole. Use this Special Shot at the right time, and you will have made it quite difficult for the opponents to win.

Yoshi’s Special Dash is Egg-Roll Dash, a special dash that makes Yoshi run on top of a giant egg, rolling over other players. This Special Dash is extremely good as it is easy to control, has great range and Yoshi kicks the egg in front of him once the move is done, hitting any opponent on its path as well.

How to Unlock Yoshi’s Star Club Sets

Yoshi, like all the other characters, can equip two different Star Club Sets to alter his stats. The first Star Club Set, unlocked by obtaining 1000 Character Points, increases his power to 243 yd and his Spin to 5/10 while reducing control to 6/10. The Super Star Club Set, unlocked by getting 2000 Character Points, increases power to 273 yd and Spin to 7/10 but reduced control to 5/10.

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