Mario Golf: Super Rush

Mario Golf: Super Rush features, alongside the massive single-player Golf Adventure mode, a few additional play modes that twist the rules of regular golf to present a faster-paced and more exciting experience. Among these modes is Speed Golf, a unique, customizable play mode where only the fastest players will emerge victorious.

Here are a few tips on how to play Speed Golf and, more importantly, how to win at it.

How to Play Speed Golf in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Mario Golf: Super Rush

What’s Speed Golf?

Speed Golf mode is a unique take on regular golf featured in Mario Golf: Super Rush. Unlike the regular mode where all players take turns, in Speed Gold all players act at the same time, making this mode extremely fast-paced. In this mode, the player who completes all holes in the shortest time, or that who gets the highest score, wins the match. The win conditions can be set before the match starts.

How to Play Speed Golf

Depending on the win conditions, you will have to employ slightly different strategies. If the fastest player to clear all holes wins, you will want to focus on the ball most of the time, using Special Dashes and Special Shots as much as needed to complete the course before any other opponent does. Experiment with the characters to find the one whose stats and special abilities work best with your playstyle. Special Shots can also be used to get in the way of other players, and you should always aim to do so when the possibility arises: time is of the essence in this mode, and making an opponent lose some precious time will work in your favor at all times.

If the winner is decided by the highest score, things will be a little different. To calculate the score, the game not only takes the total time needed to clear all holes into account, but also the number of swings you have taken, and how much you have managed to knock opponents down. Taking down opponents is extremely easy to do, especially at the beginning of a match where you all start at the same point, but then again it becomes increasingly difficult as all players will eventually spread out. No matter which strategy you employ, you should always time your Special Dashes carefully, as getting knocked down will make you lose precious time.

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