Choosing the best faction in March of Empires is not optional if you want to get the most out of the game and cruise through it like no other. Player preferences may, of course, come into play when it comes to choosing the right faction for you, but in this article I will show you an overview of all the empires in the game and I will give you my two cents on the best March of Empires faction to choose for victory.

As you know already, there are three factions available in the game right now, and we’ll talk about each other below. I am listing them based on my personal preference – so the first is the best in my opinion, but I would love to know what you think too! Also, don’t forget to check out our beginner tips for the game!


march of empires best empire 02

“Furious Spear warriors that guard the Wisdom of the Past”

As you can see in the image of their stats, this faction has some really great bonuses that put it at the top of my preferences. What I like the most about it is that it offers a Squad Size bonus of 5%, which translates in more troops and more power when attacking. It also increases research speed by 10%, which is an useful bonus since research takes forever, usually. The Faction unit, Hashishins, have retaliation as a special skills and they are extremely useful so overall I would consider them the best choice for a faction in March of Empires.


march of empires best empire 01

“Mighty knights, all clad in iron and masters of the sword”

They are a good choice for very active, offensive players, since their Marches are 5% faster. They also get a good construction speed boost, as well as more Iron mined. Their Faction Unit, Teutonic Knights, are the best in the game in my opinion, so the King is a good choice too!


march of empires best empire 03

“Heroic Horsemen, accustomed to life and death in the saddle”

My least favorite faction, the Tsar’s most notable boost is to the Training Speed, which is 10% faster. The Extra Champion XP bonus won’t result in insanely over-developed champions, but the Boyars are indeed extremely useful as a special Faction unit. However, I would stay away from them and choose any of the other two instead.

What do you think? Which is the best faction to choose in March of Empires? Let us know by commenting below!


  1. Hi I am 25 lvl on March of Empires and i want to change faction. I do have the faction change item with me but i am not sure if it is profitable to use it. I am going to start from scratch after i use it?


    • You can change faction at any point in the game (well, there might be exceptions I don’t know about), but in general, you can change when you want to without penalty. You don’t lose units, research, champion experience (or items), etc. You even get to keep your faction unit, though existing units DO CHANGE to match the faction unit you have selected.

      I’m certain that, by now, Alex (OP) has figured this out — but for everyone else who might have the same question, I felt it needed at least a few words of explanation.

  2. I am a lowly 19 with 14.5 mil power and a 46 champion. I am in a small alliance that wants to grow. EVERYONE is a freaking giant on realm 156, the realm of KAN so to speak. We are all at their mercy. I need some tips on how to make our tiles bigger out on the fringe so we can grow. ANYTHING you can steer my way would be greatly appreciated. I am sinking over here.

    Lee Ann Lynn

    • i am now castle lvl 26 . i have had the same experience struggle to grow before too,i am lucky to find my alliance (medium size and have been with them since then) wat i do is i train troops and hide them in capitals and also stay in capital that got forfotication focus as i know i sometimes forgot my Peace shield,so if i get attack my troops are just wounded and i let them stay in the temple no healing right away and keep making more troops.once i have enough i heal them and also put new troops to hide again. i keep doing that and with help with alliance members time to time with my ress. this game u just have to focus on every main points and try to work out on ur own convenient way.

    • You need to upgrade Crafting guilds by sending silver. The biggest tile you can get is the capital level + 3 so a region with a level1 capital can have max level 4 rss tiles. Research and increasing area bonus inside the capital is as important (if not more so) as a large army. The more research the better as it gives bonus increases to all the items researched and allows for higher level troops. Research as much as possible ahead of incresing castle and other building levels.

    • Your tile size is based on your region level. If you’re on the outer regions your tile size will be small. Your alliance must take hire level regions that have larger tiles.

  3. I love King and Tsar but King is better and I have Tsar and I am really confused which to stay with. My alliance is named Russian*War and I know Tsar is Russian but King has 10+ faster construction speed, I am on lv15.

  4. I’m on level 8 and I still don’t even know what I’m doing. smh. I must admit I do like the game. It’s been decades since I’ve played a game like this.

  5. As time rolls by GameLoft is becoming more and more greedy for RL money
    Was never a great game
    It was always a Farming game for Bullies.
    Now unless you are willing to take a loan out at the bank you will be frustrated to no end
    STAY AWAY….remember the free games are always the most expensive!!!


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