Gameloft have launched their own version of Game of War and it’s surprisingly good, even though they didn’t focus too much on bringing innovations to the table. However, it’s a solid strategy game that gives you a potential head start, if you start playing it right now as it has just launched, so you can become one of the top players quickly. So let’s help you get there with some March of Empires cheats and tips for beginners to build up their kingdom and rule the worlds.

From selecting the right civilization for you to building and attacking, there is a lot to do in the game (and then some more), so let’s not waste a second and let’s check out below Touch, Tap, Play’s March of Empires tips and tricks!

1. Start building everything you can and use the free speed-ups that come with the low level buildings. You can and should get everything in your kingdom to level 3 before timers get a bit lengthier. After upgrading your Castle to level 4, start building more homes, farms and other resource generating buildings and level them up too. You need a constant flow of resources to keep everything running smoothly.

2. Understand that you will have to do a bit of everything: you need solid attack power, you need good defenses, built up and maxed out buildings and you have to be active. There’s really no other way to play the game and focusing on a single element is not an option.

3. Join an alliance as soon as possible. Before taking part in raids and other more advanced alliance features, you have access to one extremely useful option: the ask for help button and make sure you use it every time you start working on something new (but help your allies too!).

4. What’s the best Empire in the game? We’ll have an article dedicated to this matter only, but I personally believe that the best one is the Sultan thanks to its extra squad size that gives you more power into battle by simply having extra numbers. The King is also a good option if you are very active thanks to the small boost it has for marches.

5. Complete quests, adventures and gather resources: there are a ton of things that you can and should do on a daily basis to maximize the resources that you have and the numbers you can produce. Start by focusing on the quests – they will be with you for a long time and as soon as you start playing, you’ll complete them like crazy. Do adventures too and plan them so that you complete the longer ones when you are away and make sure you come back in time to collect the rewards. Finally, find the unoccupied resource sites on the map and send your troops there. This is especially useful early on when you don’t risk getting attacked. After that, make sure that you have a strong army at home too!

6. Don’t spend gold coins and don’t make any purchases early on: focus on building up your empire at first and play for at least a few days before you start spending coins. You need to have a solid understanding on the game to make sure that you don’t end up wasting resources!

7. Research like crazy – this takes a lot of time, so start by focusing on the military research in order to make it easier for you to get the most as soon as you can start attacking.

8. Train a lot of troops and get ready to start farming. You will surely have at least a few Empires around you that are no longer active and you can farm on. Attack them over and over again (and also send marches to resources) in order to get as many resources as possible. Forget about glory and winning difficult battles, destroying enemies: it’s resources that matter and farming is the way to go!

9. Decide a route for your Hero – there are three categories in which you can improve the talents of your hero (Warfare, Income, Progress) and each has a very large skill tree. This means that you won’t be able to unlock and max out all the skills (at least not anytime soon), so check out all the skill trees and decide which will be your main focus. Warfare seems like the obvious choice, I’d say, because in the end it will all be about warring and having the better bonuses will help you get more victories.

These are for now our tips and tricks for beginner March of Empires players. If you have other tips to share or more advanced strategies, let us know by commenting below!


    • Once u get to the rally screen u’ll see a bunch of empty slot for anyone in ur alliance to join. Click on the first free slot and it’ll take u to the page showing u the troops going on the rally. (Not ur troops, so don’t get confused) U’ll then have to click on the troops u want to rally with. Do that until u fill all the remaining troop spaces. But once u add any troops from ur army, the ‘Join Rally’ button will turn green, giving u the option to click it. I hope that helps u

  1. how to skip the attack timer? makes the game sooooo boring….. i fell asleep for 9 mins its like 1 min then 2 mins the 5 then 7 then 9 minute wait after each attack and the attacks u make r 1 sec long lol can i at least move buildings around and change the colors while i wait? i enjoy building games such as these. too bad dragons of atlantis never had a chance. chat rooms r ideal for players to help each other learn the game, but language is a huge problem. and leave it up to gameloft to have a chat room w a strict picky censored word category. id still recccommend this game if u like building and war fare strategy, or u can just mingle in the not always so intelligent chat room. many players r like, how do u change your hero name? or pic lol

    • well, for 1 sometimes there are just to many on for it to stay stable so it will crash. Then when “they’ fix it then it works again until next time. :) it is an on going thing enjoy! games are meant to break specially this one but there is 1 thing they forgot to put in is Dragons” :D

  2. Join Forest Sun we are looking for people but we need more so we can take over some empires we have farm accounts so you don’t have to worry about resources we will help you in any way we can even if that means helping you learn how to play the game

  3. i want to shift to realm 16. i have my one castle in the realm through android but when i made the second in my PC there is no existence of realm 16.

  4. How do I make a march or raid? When I click on the vacant city next to mine (which has lots of stuff), I have a choice of attack or scout, but nothing for march, occupy or raid. Where is the button to do those things? When I attack it my army just goes there, then comes home, no one killed, but no loot taken either? So how do we do a seizure?

    • That base is inactive, the player doesn’t play so he has no resource left. And after initial 1-2 attack his army got wounded and can not fight. So you will get nothing by attacking thatt castle.

    • join a group and move close to them and ask for help. Usually everyone helps to show you how to grow troops and build more rss fields in your kingdom

  5. I am in the kingdom 128 my castle is level 24, just as all my constructions are on the same level. I have 6 farms in level 24. I have 800k of troops level 3. And even doing everything in the castle I am negativado in -500 per hour of lost bread. Need help.

  6. what a load of tosh!
    anybody with a brain can work this out
    i thought special EXTRAS
    i feel CHEATED lmao
    btw MARZ, I wold have said Joker

  7. if your looking for an alliance that is going somewhere, check out (wau)
    we are us, I think that says it all
    we have space left for active players

  8. find a small castle and send mentoring request if you are above C15..
    and on the other end the small castle (C14and below) player must accept you as mentor..
    after ever mission he completes both of you will be rewarded.. :)

  9. MOE is a waste of time..
    Bigger players wont let you grow..
    if you farm they tile attack you..
    if you hit dead castles they hit you while you are busy and steal what you have..


  10. I have gottn my defense when use gear and etc up past 1500% effectiveness I am lvl31 castle and most everything upgrade and also my champ is lvl75, but in messing round with castle my size, I had anti scout on so he couldn’t scout me, he send just 28 lonely tr4 siege n an attack to get my stats, but when he did this he knocked out 10 of my defenses, which r all lvl4 and 5 defense and he sent no champ and his bonuses wasn’t over 150% attack why is it that my defense effectiveness being at 1561% and durability over 800% was he able to even knock out any of my defenses?? Anyone Have answer to this???


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