Make it Rain: Rich and Famous has been launched practically mirroring the previous Make It Rain: The Love of Money, with a slightly different approach: you’re now a celebrity making money and you should do so in style. We’re here to share with you a complete set of Make it Rain: Rich and Famous cheats – actually, a set of tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of this extremely addictive game.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below Touch Tap Play’s Make it Rain: Rich and Famous tips and tricks!


1. Get the right upgrades
If you want to Make it Rain faster, it’s all about purchasing the upgrades in the most useful order. Since you will spend most of your time swiping, you will actually want to upgrade the Appearances (camera icon) which will increase the amount you get per swipe. There is really no need to focus on other upgrades if you keep playing, and go as high as possible with this upgrade. Really soon, you’ll be at $500 per swipe, which is really easy to get to (or push to $1,000 per swipe if you can!)

The second upgrades that you want to buy are the Entourage upgrades. These automate money making and are perfect to get started with once you have about $100,000 in the bank. Start purchasing the most expensive ones which give you the most money per second. Have in mind that at one point, it won’t be really profitable to keep upgrading the same Entourage as the sum required gets to big (for example, “Benefit” which gives you $37.5 per second will cost to upgrade to level 5 a whooping $55k, while getting the “Film Agent” benefit is $78k and gives you $150 per second). So upgrade the most profitable Entourage and do so constantly!

Finally, get on a few Merc Levels. This is nice money that you will get passively, as it increases the capacity of your vault, which gets filled even when you don’t play. The sums are really low to what you can make by actually playing, so that’s just pocket change and you should invest here only when you have money to spare and nothing else to put them into.

2. The Police Cheat
Just like the previous game, there’s a “police” cheat here: when you’re busted, simply let the Police screen on top and don’t do anything. You will keep collecting money, even though you won’t get the option to keep swiping. But plug your device in and let it stand there until you get filthy rich and cops won’t bother you! Eventually, you will be able to use a Lawyer’s call to cancel the effect of the cops and you start with 5 for free, which means that you have days of free playing without the cops! Even better, try to only use these calls when you’re making millions per swipe, because that’s when the losses are greater too!

3. Learn to swipe like a pro
Still swiping with one finger? That’s how grandma plays! Turn your device upside down, put it on your lap or on a desk and start swiping using both hands. Swiping towards you as opposed to the outside is a lot faster and using more fingers gives you even more money, really making it rain!

Alternately, there is another extremely useful tip: put one finger at the top of the screen, above the flashing coins and keep swiping left or right (I do this with my left hand). With the other hand, just tap the pile of money and it will be counted as swipes. A lot easier than actually swiping!

4. Find your rhythm
Swiping like a maniac won’t just do it. Your goal is to get as much money per second as possible, and if you swipe too fast the game will start to stutter and you’ll stop being profitable. So find your rhythm, see what the maximum amount per second is and try to stay there for as long as possible. This is how the Pros do it!

5. Turn Auto Lock Off
If you really want to make a ton of money in the game without actually doing too much, after investing quite a bit in the Entourage upgrades, turn the Auto Lock off, plug in the device and let it run while you’re minding your own business. You’ll collect a ton of money this way without actually doing a lot.

If you want to check out my first 9 minutes of Make It Rain: Rich and Famous (before I found out the right way to play), you can watch the video below:

And this would be it in terms of tips and tricks for Make it Rain: Rich and Famous. I am really sure that our tips will help you a lot in terms of making a ton of money in the game, so good luck becoming rich and famous!



  1. The best way is to just buy the Entourage upgrades then change the settings so your device doesn’t auto lock.
    $100,000/Sec x 3600Sec (1Hr) = $360M Every Hour


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