Make It Rain: The Love of Money Cheats, Tips & How to Earn a Lot of Money


Make It Rain: The Love of Money is a very simple game that caters to one basic need each human being has: that of having more money. And unlike real life, in this iPhone and iPad game, making money is a pretty easy if you have a solid strategy a quick swiping finger. But you can always get better at the game, so I am here to share with you a complete set of Make It Rain: The Love of Money tips and cheats that will make you rich (at least virtually) as fast as possible. So if you want to know how to earn a lot of money in the game and the easiest route to get there, check out this article!

It’s all about the right upgrades
There are three different upgrade categories in Make It Rain: The Love of Money, and if you choose the right ones first, you will make a lot more very fast. Basically, the first thing you want to upgrade is the Business Investments category (represented by a brown suitcase). This increases the amount of money you get per swipe and it’s relatively cheap to upgrade to the $100 bill. Getting there means that each swipe will get you at least $100, which is great for your finger.

The second thing that you want to upgrade constantly – every now and then, when you have some extra cash – is the Financial Investments boost. This gives you passive income as money is generated at the indicated rate per second even when you don’t swipe. You won’t get a ton this way, but you will still get some and extra money is extra money, so focus on this too.

The last thing you should carry about is the Political Investments category as it only upgrades the Bucket Size and money generation which will rarely be enough, but the bigger the rate, the better because this way you make money while you sleep.

Do the free offers
If you tap the lightning bolt icon, there are some Free offers that you can complete to get some boosts: reading an article, downloading a game and so on. Do these for the extra goodies that come from doing it – and you have to pay nothing!

How to Swipe like a pro
Playing the game on an iPad (bigger screen) is better than on the small iPhone screen, but no matter what your device of choice is, you can still swipe like a pro by swiping on the top area of the bills. You’re just losing time if you start from the middle of the bill and you’ll generate more starting at the top. If you want to go really hardcore with this, put your device on a desk/table turned upside down and swipe as fast as possible with one or two fingers.

Find a rhythm
Although you will always be tempted to try and swipe as fast as possible and get the biggest amount per second, you won’t make as much as you would do if you would find a rhythm, a relatively slower one, but constant.

Use the Bribe Cards smartly
Every now and then, the game will prompt you with a random “FBI Investigation” screen that has you spin a wheel and lose some money, money generated per second and so on. Don’t use your Bribe Cards if you spin wrong unless you really have a ton of money and the losses would be too huge. At the start of the game, 10 or 20,000 might seem a lot, but imagine that you’ll make that amount PER SECOND eventually, so better stick to your bribe cards for when you really grow big!

Buy the biggest Financial Investments first
The more you spend on the Financial Investments, the more money you will make while not swiping. So always try to purchase the highest cost one, but have in mind that every new additional level on the same category will cost a lot more, but you will get the same amount. So eventually, it won’t be very profitable to spend money on the lower ranked boosts.

The time lapse cheat
Right now, there is a nice cheat you can apply to make some extra money: upgrade your Bucket as much as possible and go to your phone’s settings and change the time to something in the future. Log back in to the game, and the bucket will be full and you can collect all the funds. You really need a large bucket with top production, because otherwise the time spent fast forwarding the time and getting back to the game would be better spent swiping in game.

And these would be, for now, our Make it Rain: The Love of Money cheats and tips for you and we really hope that you find them useful. If you have other tips, don’t hesitate to share them with us!

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Make It Rain: The Love of Money Cheats, Tips & How to Earn a Lot of Money


  1. Not sure if it works on iOS but on Android if you get caught by the FBI and its not a favorable verdict you can simply kill the app and reopen it and NOT be penalized – No use of Bribe card necessary.

  2. Tip: Turn your auto-lock off a let the app run while you are at work, school, when your sleeping, or when your charging your phone.

    Tip: when a FBI wheel come up, spin it immediately. If it’s a good one then hit ok, but if it’s a one where you loose half of you let the app sit. The money that they ask for won’t go up. This requires the tip above

  3. Tip for iOS users:
    1. Increase your bucket size to a size as large as possible.
    2. Go to your Settings page.
    3. Click on the General tab.
    4. Click on date and time.
    5. Turn off “Set Automatically.”
    6. Use the scroll wheel and set the date into the future.
    7. Go back into the app and empty your bucket.
    8. Return to the date and time page and turn on “Set Automatically.”
    9. Return to the app and empty your bucket (it’s alright if sometimes the bucket does not instantly refill, just keep the cycle going).
    If you are on iOS 7 and want to continue, you can simply double tap your home screen and click between the Settings page and the app page.

  4. When I finally made it to the Billion billions, a thing popped up saying I won! And that I had to restart. This sucks. I got that far because of keeping my phone on while charging. This app sucks bc it made me restart

  5. I got to the max money clip which was like 13 bb a swop before the update n cuz of the update I should be at like 100bb a swop but I don’t have that, also I can’t upgrade my investments because before the update I had max n it still says I’m at max when trying to upgrade :(

  6. Earn tons of money in 3 steps-

    1. Upgrade your “earn money without swiping” investments as high as possible.

    2. Go to settings, general, auto lock and set it so never.

    3. Leave the game running over night.

    Then you will have lots of money. (Tip: charge your device while running over night.)

  7. I have found a nice way to get lots of money … go to settings and put your auto lock on never …
    Put your phone on a charger…
    Let your phone sit there with the game on all night or day and you get big bucks …

    If you have work it might be hard but I’m in middle school so it works with me


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