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Maguss Guide: What’s the Best Character in the Game?

Maguss Guide: What’s the Best Character in the Game?

Maguss is an extremely good augmenter reality sorcery game – it’s basically what we’d want to get from a Harry Potter AR game, and maybe a bit more. Sure, it has its flaws, but overall it’s a great game with various characters / classes to choose from and a lot of things happening in the game.

But what’s the best character to choose and play as in Maguss? Or, better said, what’s the best class to chose for your character? That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today and you’re hopefully reading this guide before making the choice in the game. Because, at least at the moment of writing this article, the choice is permanent and you can’t change your character type.

But before we decide who’s the best character class in Maguss for mobile, let’s look once more at the options that we have available:

Maguss Druid

Maguss Rogue

Maguss Warden

Maguss Paladin

So… which one of the four should be the one you choose?

They are pretty much balanced and the differences from one character to the other are not huge, but they do count especially later on in the game.

However, as I said in our Maguss tips and tricks article, the game is all about casting spells and being able to defend against them. This means that a character that’s highly skilled in the art of casting spells – and dealing a ton of damage with them is a better choice.

With this in mind, we’re able to immediately eliminate the Warden, which is pretty much useless: you don’t want your battles to last forever thanks to your high health and defence, but to still get blasted away eventually after prolonging your suffering. No, you want to deal massive damage and take out your opponent in a heartbeat.

So the best character for doing that is the Paladin!

The base Empower Skill is absolutely amazing, starting at 13, offering a ton more damage early on in the game. The concentration is also really good, meaning that your spells will hit the target.

It is true that a Paladin doesn’t have a lot of Evasion or Critical Chance, but these can be improved as you level up.

Actually, this is how I recommend spending your points early on in the game: your first 4-5 levels should go all in Critical Chance, then work on Empower and Concentration, with a bit of Defence mixed in every now and then, as well as Critical Chance.

Remember that you can only add a maximum of 15 extra points to each starting attribute, so you can’t take the Warden, for example, and get it to 25 Empower.

The second best character and also a very good starting choice is the Rogue. He’s a beast when it comes to hitting the target with the spells and also has really good overall stats. It is true that they don’t deal as much damage as the Paladin with basic hits, but they do have better chances at hitting criticals for a bit of extra damage and they also have more health and evasion to start with.

So we can go as far as saying that it’s almost a tie between the two and whichever you choose, you’re going to have a great and easy game moving forward.

But what do you think? Who’s the best character in Maguss? Share your opinions in the comment section below!

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Maguss Guide: What’s the Best Character in the Game?


  1. Rouge thars what i have chosen it just looked like the best one iv played table top RPG games for years and stats are whare it is and i have to say this is the best choice to go with hands down


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