Magnum Quest Runes Guide

Magnum Quest Runes Guide

Magnum Quest is an RPG game with different characters and equipment you can give to them. Runes are one of the items that increase your hero’s stats and give additional passive abilities. Of course, there are plenty of Runes that fit well for different characters. This guide will tell you about the Runes, their types, and the bonuses they can provide your heroes with.

Runes in Magnum Quest

Runes in Magnum Quest are special items that are unavailable at the beginning. You will need to go to the Battle mode’s chapter 14 and complete stage 20 there. After that, you will get access to the runes.

There are plenty of them. The color of the Rune will give it additional passive upgrades that will be applied to your character. But each Rune can have additional bonus characteristics that improve some of your hero’s stats. The strength of the bonuses will be based on the quality of the Rune. There are three of them: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Also, the number of additional characteristics is based on the Rune’s quality and it may be 3/4/5 different bonuses.

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The Runes can have one of three colors that determine the main bonus of the item. The Red Runes are good for damage dealers, as they increase the Attack and Critical Damage every three seconds. The Green Runes are good for mages, as they regenerate the Energy. The Blue Runes provide characters with bonus Defense and max HP every three seconds, and these are good for tanks.

Runes in Magnum Quest can have from 3 to 5 additional characteristics. They can improve your damage, defense, critical hit chance, critical hit damage, hit chance, dodge chance, haste, critical hit resistance, physical/magical damage taken. The strength of the bonus becomes bigger with the quality of the Rune. Try to experiment with all of these parameters and find better combinations, as the Runes are very flexible equipment.

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Magnum Quest Runes Guide


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