How to Get Dragonshards in Magnum Quest


Have you ever heard about Magnum Quest? That’s the Card-based RPG, and it gives you a chance to become a master whose powers are enormous. The master starts an adventure aimed to collect Heroes from 6 different factions. This is needed because this strong team’s task will be to dominate the Armuda continent. In the Shop of this game, you will be able to purchase some goods using money. Or you may buy heroes if needed. Among the others, Dragonshards are a type of cash used for such purchases. In this guide, we will tell you how to get Dragonshard in Magnum Quest and the best ways to use this currency.

How to Get Dragonshards in Magnum Quest?

There are a couple of ways to get Dragonshards. Magnum Quest gives the players the possibility to use real money to buy them if needed. Or you can get Dragonshards as awards for events. In addition, redeem codes constantly appear, which give players free Dragonshards in Magnum Quest.

Now let’s cover the topic of the best usage of the Dragonshards.

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​Best Use for Dragonshards in Magnum Quest

Let’s start with the Shop first. There are three options here. First, buy the barrel for gold at a discount, then refresh the Shop for 50 Dragonshards to re-buy them. For the second, purchase the Gold Soul Dice for dragon shards at a discount whenever you see them. For the third, buying the gold chests for Dragonshards at a discount whenever you need them.

Additionally, you may use your Dragonshards for buying Summon. This will cost you 1350 shards. And a quick tip for you: no need to buy a piece of equipment as you will get everything up to 3 Gold free of charge from demon raid. It is way much better if you save your guild currency to buy 4-5 Gear at the later game stage.

Also, it is great to buy Beryl with 75% off. You can do this by resetting the shop with the Dragonshards.

In conclusion, we must mention that, as you can see, it is not easy to obtain Dragonshards. So, by following our advice, you will be able to use them in the best way.

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How to Get Dragonshards in Magnum Quest


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