Magnum Quest is a new action RPG created to compete with AFK Arena and RAID: Shadow Legends. In the project from the Tuyoo Game studio, you will find endless dungeons, boss battles, challenges, arena battles, and much more.

A lot of content is good. However, it can scare away players who are just starting to take steps in the development of a new game world. The authors are in no hurry to explain how some heroes differ from others, where you can look for new equipment, why you need different currencies, etc. Therefore, our Magnum Quest guide will give you some tips and secrets on how to deal with the game. 

Magnum Quest Heroes Guide

magnum quest heroes guide

Currently, there are 55 heroes available in Magnum Quest. Each of them has unique characteristics and abilities. At the same time, there is no clear division into classes in the game. In some cases, the specialization of the heroes can be guessed by some parameters. For example, tanks have high parameters of survival and protection.

However, there are exceptions too. A prime example is Ares in Magnum Quest. This is a hero with high damage, medium armor, and low health. But in fact, he is almost the best tank in the game. It’s all about the combination of abilities. Ares is able to inflict huge damage in a short time while staying invulnerable to some of the enemy’s attacks. Such a bunch of skills allows you to break into an enemy formation and quickly kill one or two characters.

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Another example of a fighter is Arthur, who can take a lot of damage. In fact, this hero is a healer. But thanks to his strong defense and the ability to impose shields on himself and his allies, he remains in the game for a long time.

You can make a combat-ready squad even of medium-strength characters. The main thing is to smartly combine the available heroes. In this case, attention should be paid not only to the characteristics and skills but also to the faction of characters.

All the fighters available in Magnum Quest are divided into 6 factions:

  • Divine.
  • Abyss.
  • Fortress.
  • Wild.
  • Forest.
  • Shadow.

Each of them has advantages and disadvantages.

How to Level up Heroes and Improve Equipment

It is not enough to gather the right fighters together to win battles. Heroes need to be improved and dressed in better equipment. As they level up, the characters will unlock new abilities and improve their characteristics.

The strongest increase in parameters will be felt when the quality of the fighter is increased. There are 3 grades of hero quality in Magnum Quest:

  • Bronze.
  • Silver.
  • Gold.

Most often you will come across bronze and silver characters. At the same time, it is better to get rid of the first ones right away and get retirement coins for them. They will come in handy for recruiting new heroes.

Silver characters are a transitional link. At the initial stages, they can be used in battles, simultaneously leveling the most promising fighters. Over time, these heroes will be upgraded to the gold level.

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Gold-level heroes in Magnum Quest are the least common. Their distinctive feature is the presence of four skills and a special branch of talents that can be unlocked during the leveling process. Silver fighters only have 3 skills. Moreover, this number does not change even after their “transformation into gold.

The strength of the characters is influenced not only by the level but also by the equipment. Each of the heroes has four slots for equipment. Weapons and armor can be obtained for completing the main campaign, defeating bosses, or as a reward for daily activities in Magnum Quest (logging in to the game, auto rewards, etc.). You can also buy equipment at the Shop.

At the initial stages, the equipment will not give any serious increase in characteristics. However, the situation will change over time. You can collect or purchase parts from special sets. Such things will increase the overall attack and affect other characteristics. For example, it will increase defense parameters, the amount of health, etc. But for this, you need to collect 2 or more parts of the set.

After getting the set in Magnum Quest, you can think about improving the equipment. Improving the characteristics of equipment will require a large number of resources. In particular, you may need specialty coins. Partially they can be replaced with unnecessary items of equipment. But remember that in this case, resources will be required even more.

Magnum Quest Game Modes

At the initial stage, only the storyline campaign will be available to you. It is divided into nearly two dozen chapters. Each of these blocks has 15 to 40 battles.

As you progress through the story campaign, you will get access to new features and modes. For example, to Endless dungeons, Trials and Raids. Each of them differs from the campaign in terms of rules and rewards.

In Endless Dungeons, you will descend into the catacombs to fight your opponents. Defeating a squad of enemies will bring some gold and other resources, which can then be spent on discovering new and leveling your heroes. There are a lot of enemies in this dungeon.

More significant rewards await you in Trials. However, in order to get them, you will have to defeat 21 groups of enemies, led by the main boss. In general, the task is not very difficult. Even novice players can handle it. There you will be helped by random bonuses that will be encountered during the challenge. You have 2 days to complete the Challenge. After that, progress is reset.

The biggest rewards await you in Raids in Magnum Quest. But in order to get them, you will have to try hard. The difficulty of the mode lies in the fact that after each battle, the heroes do not restore their health, as it happens in the campaign or trials. Therefore, in raids, it is important to have several fighters who can replace the main characters.

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