One of the hottest releases of this week, Lums is a physics based puzzler for iPhone and iPad with an unique approach to the genre, a game that sounds like one of the most pleasing musical tunes your ears can hear.

It’s not all shiny and colorful in Lums, on the contrary: a bunch of alien vampires have invaded the planet (Earth?) and they like to hide in the dark. The only way to kill them is to somehow send a beam of light their way and watch them burn. Which is easier said that done.


In your help come a bunch of Lums – round-shaped creatures with various abilities, creatures that you have to masterfully control to bring the light to the vampires (or vice-verse). You control the cute little creatures by tapping and holding your device’s screen, and then simply dragging them around. There are many obstacles, though, that stand in your way and you have to be extremely careful.

Lums is a physics puzzle game of more precision and of a slower pace than Angry Birds for example. Although the concept is mainly the same, things are extremely different: not only that we have obstacles in our way to make our vampire hunting lives more miserable, but also the poles that we destroy usually have to be destroyed in a specific way in order to succeed. Add to that 5 different types of Lums that are available (including a Light that works as a perfect lightbulb or the Stone Bulb that turns everything into stone) and you have everything you need to start burning those vampires.

Lums is charming with its minimalist design, with the charming artwork and smart puzzles. It does require a patient player to be fully enjoyed or insane skill if you want to finish very fast. Which, as my wife often pointed out, is not always the best way to deal with things.

The best part about Lums is that it can be tested out for free (12 levels available for free), while the full version is only 99 cents for iPhone and $1.99 for iPad.

Final rating: 9.1 out of 10



  1. Agreed. That wife joke :) :) :) :)

    Great review of a great game. Just finished with all stars. Can’t wait for new content.

  2. hey guys, just wanted to update you that we have just relesed the update of LUms, so go ahead and have fun playing it! this time much more challenging :)


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