LOTR: Rise to War Mysterious Spring Guide

LOTR: Rise to War Mysterious Spring Guide

The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War is an MMORTS set in the Lord of the Rings universe created by John R.R. Tolkien. The project was developed by the Chinese company NetEase and published by Warner Bros. Interactive and invites the player to become the head of the troops and conquer territories. One of these territories is Mysterious Spring.

Mysterious Spring Guide

Mysterious springs is a structure that grants 250 Ring Power to all the members of your fellowship. In addition, at the first capture, you will receive 1,500 gold as a reward. So if you want the members of your fellowship to have more power, then go and capture a few of these Mysterious Spring.

There is also an additional reason to capture these structures. In the eighth chapter of the first season, the journey is a power struggle. It is necessary that all 300 Mysterious Spring on the server be captured, no matter what factions do it.

Then you get 200 Gems. Also, due to Stabilization, after this point in the Journey, the Factions cannot be changed. And the armies of Angmar and Rhun get stronger.

The Mysterious Spring is guarded by two level 40 armies, and so it has an unknown amount of power (three ??? are displayed). And the hardest part is that the Spring has 500,000 durability. You will have to work hard to break it, but the reward is worth it. We hope this guide helped you figure out what the Mysterious Spring is.

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LOTR: Rise to War Mysterious Spring Guide


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