Lord of Seas: Odyssey
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Lord of Seas: Odyssey Beginner’s Guide – Best Strategy, Tricks, and Tips

Get all the best tips and tricks with this Lord of Seas: Odyssey beginner's guide and rule the tides!

If you’ve ever been enchanted by the world of pirates, lost treasure, and tropical islands brimming with adventure, then, Lord of Seas: Odyssey just might be the game for you. It is available on iOS and Android devices for free, and it promises hours and hours of fun as you discover new in-game features that will keep you glued to your screen.

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Still, if you’re just starting, the game can be rather overwhelming. There are many options and gameplay elements to pay attention to—so many that even the lengthy tutorial might leave you feeling confused. No need to miss out on all the fun because our Lord of Seas: Odyssey beginner’s guide brings you the best strategy for leveling up and other tips and tricks to make everything easier for you.

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Don’t Rush Through the Tutorial

Chapters in Lord of Seas: Odyssey
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While you may want to start playing on your own as soon as possible, we recommend that you take your time with the tutorial in Lord of Seas: Odyssey. The game introduces new gameplay mechanisms, buildings, upgrade systems, and more bit by bit. If you run through it all just mindlessly clicking, you will feel super overwhelmed and confused in the end.

Instead, we advise you to follow the main story and focus on tasks one by one as chapters unfold. You get the liberty to do whatever you please in the game fairly early on, but one could argue that the tutorial goes even beyond Chapter 9, with new options being introduced constantly—the game is just that rich.

If you stick to the tasks that the chapters demand, you will slowly but surely progress and feel more comfortable with everything that this game offers.

You Don’t Need to Chase All the Resources

Resources in Lord of Seas: Odyssey
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Games like Lord of Seas: Odyssey rely on a bunch of different resources, and keeping track of them all might give you a headache. You will begin by focusing on food production, which is necessary for your crew to survive on your newfound island. You will need to build farms to grow oranges and wood mills to automate timber production. Later on, you will add stone mills to the mix to get stone. However, you don’t need to focus on these too much. You will keep getting them either automatically or by finishing different tasks enough that you will probably never run low.

The resources you will want to focus on are:

  • Gems—quite rare; you will need them if you run out of speed-ups when building or upgrading
  • Speed-ups—one of the most essential resources because they make upgrades faster
  • Hero Signets—used for upgrading heroes
  • Dust of Seas—used for enhancing ships
  • Figurehead Blueprints (ship specific)—used for leveling up ships
  • Exotic Contracts—used for recruiting heroes and free higher-tier resources (signets, speedups, a considerable amount of oranges or timber, etc.) at the Tavern

Don’t Forget About Main Quests and Daily Objectives

Objectives in Lord of Seas: Odyssey
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One of the best and easiest ways to get free resources is to focus on completing daily objectives and main quests. You will finish a lot of them automatically, so you can just get into that tab and claim your rewards. However, we still advise you to check what objectives demand and to try to complete them on purpose because this will be your shortcut to rare resources like Gems and Dust of Seas.

On the same note, explore the Event Center as soon as you unlock this option because Lord of Seas: Odyssey features a bunch of timed and regular events that often mean easy resources like Exotic Contracts, significant speedups, and so on.

Prioritize Upgrading Your Fortress

Fortress in Lord of Seas: Odyssey
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From the moment you start the game, the Fortress will be the main building on your island. Its level will determine which buildings and upgrades you can get, so it’s only natural to put the focus on this building. The first few levels are easy to reach, but as you progress, the time needed for leveling up will be longer and longer. For example, the level 10 upgrade takes 12 hours unless you use speedups. Even if you do, you will need a lot of them to continue playing right away.

Join an Alliance

Alliance in Lord of Seas: Odyssey
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Even if you don’t want to play with others, joining an alliance in Lord of Seas: Odyssey is super beneficial. You can help others with completing their tasks, and they will help you. This usually means that you will get to complete an upgrade or an activity faster without spending your boosts and speedups. It will also help you complete numerous alliance-related tasks that bring free resources.

Don’t Forget About Campaigns and Treasure Map Quests

Treasure map in Lord of Seas: Odyssey
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Building the best possible island may preoccupy you so much that you forget the most fun part about this game—exploration and naval battles. Yes, it is important to upgrade your buildings and build your defenses (and collect those oranges), but don’t forget to fight an enemy or two or check out what else is waiting in the vast ocean around your island.

Wanted Missions in the Campaign tab or quests on the World Map are how you get the most precious of resources. They are also the opportunity to put all those upgrades and grinding to good use.

There are many other interesting aspects of Lord of Seas: Odyssey, but these tips should be enough to get you started. If you follow our recommendations and the game’s lengthy tutorial, you will be a lord of the seas in no time!

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Lord of Seas: Odyssey Beginner’s Guide – Best Strategy, Tricks, and Tips