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Brotato is an arena shooter roguelite where players get to fight off hordes of alien monsters using a variety of cool weapons. Even in modern times, where PC Gaming is flooded with high-graphic games such as Crysis 3 Remastered and The Witcher 3, many gamers appreciate the good old dungeon crawlers and roguelike shooters. Owing to them, we still have game developers releasing retro-styled games like Brotato. In this article, we talk about mods for Brotato and share download links to them.

Available mods for Brotato

Though the game is still in the Early Access stage, modders have already created some cool mods for Brotato. Here are the currently available Brotato mods that work for the Early Access version:

1) Cheat mod

As Brotato has over 20 unique weapons and various rarity classes, players must spend lots of time getting them. With this mod, players can pause the game and use the pause menu to get any item or weapon.

Download Cheat mod for Brotato from here.

2) dami’s Arsenal

This mod adds four new weapons to Brotato:

  • Kunai
  •  Fireball
  •  Air slash
  •  Fire Greatsword

Download dami’s Arsenal from here.

3) Ahegao’s Random Spooky Stuff

Ahegao's Random Spooky Stuff

This mod changes several features in Brotato to make the game feel more balanced. You can learn about all the changes and download the mod from here.

4) All Starting Weapons

All Starting Weapons

This Brotato mod basically does what it says. It adds all the starter weapons for all character types. Players can also use the random button to get a random button.

Download All Starting Weapons from here.

5) Assassin


Use this mod to add two new characters called Psycopath and Outlaw and three new weapons:

  • Chainsaw
  •  Claws
  •  Small Scythe

Download Assassin from here.

6) Extatonion


Extatonion is one of the best mods available for Brotato. It adds 27 new items, 26 new weapons, 6 new sets, 6 new upgrades, and 3 new characters. Players can learn more about this mod and download it from here.

7) Golden Box

Golden Box

After installing this mod, trees will have a 2% chance, and looters will have a 20% chance to drop a golden box. Players can use golden boxes to get any item in Brotato.

Download Golden Box from here.

8) HerbLoader

HerbLoader lets you create complete Brotato characters with custom name, stats, and base weapons using a JSON file and PNGs. Players interested in creating their own characters can check this guide on GitHub.

Download HerbLoader from here.

9) Multiple Resolutions

As of now, Brotato only supports 1080p resolution. Players with larger monitors can use the Multiple Resolutions mod to add 3440×1440 and 2560×1440 resolutions.

Download Multiple Resolution from here.

10) Kaotic


Kaotic increases the difficulty level of Brotato by adding three new difficulty levels, bigger waves, powerful mobs, and more. If you feel Brotato is easy, definitely give this mod a try.

Download Kaotic from here.

11) Shoptato


In Brotato, you can refresh the shop and roll for weapons using the in-game currency. With the Shoptato mod, all weapons become purchasable in the shop, and there is no need to roll for weapons.

Download Shoptato from here.

12) SIFD’s Mod – Rainbow Chest

SIFD's Mod - Rainbow Chest

This mod is similar to the Golden Box mod. Instead of golden boxes, trees and enemies have a chance to drop rainbow chests. Players can use rainbow chests to get any item, including unique types.

Download SIFD’s Mod – Rainbow Chest from here.

13) Starwars

Starwars brotato

This mod turns Brotato into a Star Wars game by adding characters and weapons from the iconic Star Wars universe. Fans of Star Wars will definitely enjoy playing it.

Download Starwars from here.

While you are here check out our guide on unlocking all characters in Brotato.

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List Of Brotato Mods – Download Link


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